in the clutches of the beast

chapter 1

It was a dark room, lit only by a small fire. Her vast form spread on a soft, king-sized bed Evelyn no longer knew how long she'd been trapped there. As weeks had turned to months, and months had turned to years she'd lost all track of time.

She had only a distant memory of the world that lay beyond her cell. She remembered her family; her father, silent and stern; her mother, kind and warm; her sister, impish and clever. She remembered how they'd cried when he came to take her. How she had cried when she'd first learned she would be forced to leave them all behind.

She remembered a beautiful young woman, slender and shapely, with flowing, golden hair that reached to the small of her back. Upon her face a mysterious smile that she'd long practiced in front of her mirror. She'd been the most beautiful girl in the village, and she'd known it only too well. Her too Evelyn had been forced to leave behind.

Since then this dark room had been her world. He had locked her within it and tied her slight body to the wide bed that it would one day fill. Once sure that she was safely contained he'd left her, all alone in her new home.

Some hours later, when finally he'd returned, she'd gotten her first hint of his true intentions towards her.

Wheeling in a large trolley, loaded to the brim with rich foods, he'd laid out before her a spread of delicacies unlike any she'd ever seen, a feast large enough to feed a family of five.

She'd looked at it, her eyes wide and her mouth watering at the scent of all those heavy delicacies. Never in her life had she seen such an opulent feast. At first she'd been confused, somehow not comprehending the meaning of the immense banquet laid out before her. Then, as he had, calmly but forcefully, commanded her to eat, she had begun, dimly, to understand his true plans for her.

The food had been delicious. Unlike anything she'd ever tasted before. So creamy and rich, it melted in her mouth and left her craving another bite. So tasty had it been that for a moment she'd forgotten all about her fear, all about her sorrow. As she ate she felt nothing but pleasure.

Her elation however had not lasted long. Soon the food she'd consumed had started to press uncomfortably against the walls of her stomach. Her belly had ached like it'd never ached before. Yet he'd forced her to keep eating. She'd tried to resist, but the look in his beastly eyes when she refused had quickly taught her better. He'd grabbed her by the face, his strong hand squeezing her cheeks as he forced the food into her.

Pure terror had driven her to keep eating. Tears rolling down her cheeks she'd slowly chewed her way through every spoonful of food that he'd shoved into her mouth. Once it was finally over the pain in her stomach had been like nothing she'd ever felt before.

With every last crumb gone his manner had softened. He'd rubbed her belly, gently stroking it whilst telling her how well she'd done. How proud he was of her.

She'd said nothing.

From then on her life had been a never ending feast. The food was thick, heavy, and sugary. He served her nothing very healthy, nothing that would serve any purpose other than to further pad her figure with soft flesh.

She could only watch as her body swelled around her. As over the years it lost any semblance of its natural feminine shape, as it became but an immense sack of shifting fat, a vast landscape of heavy rolls.

That beautiful, free-spirited young woman she'd once been was now but a distant memory, long since lost under heavy layers of fat. All those features of hers that so many boys had once so desired, that so many girls had once so envied, had been twisted, made unrecognisable, by hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of soft flesh.

Thinking back to those days she wondered what her old friends might think of her now. What would all those boys say if they could see what had become of the girl they'd used so to adore? What would the girls say at the sight of how hopelessly, unrecognizably fat her once so lean and beautiful body had become? The thought of them gawping, grimacing in astonished disgust, was strangely amusing to her.

What might her family say? Since the day he'd locked her in his dungeon she'd heard no news of them. She had no idea what might have happened to them. Would they even recognise her as the daughter they'd once been forced to give up?

She'd changed so much. Not just in body, but in spirit and mind. When they'd known her she'd been stubborn and strong of will. Never one to give in unless she'd had her way. She'd been bold and full of mischief. Always up to something or other.

He'd taught her different, taught her to obey, taught her to, without question, do as he told her. Under his rule she'd become quiet and compliant. Long before her body had become too heavy to move he'd taught her to be passive. To neither speak nor act unless he told her to do so.

Her long incarceration had caused her will to wane. Her once sharp mind had grown dull from lack of exercise. Her appetite had taken her over. Her hunger, her urge to eat, had come to rule her. She'd turned into the passive pig that he wanted her to be, an unthinking eating machine, trapped by her own weight. So hopelessly hungry, needy, and eager to please him, even though she knew perfectly well what he truly was.
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Eponymous 6 years
Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
Twigzybird 6 years
Excellect work! A truly great read
Eponymous 6 years
Thank you! The final bits were the first I came up with and the first I actually wrote. The rest was sort of filled in so that they'd have some buildup and context. A sort of slow unveiling of Evelyn's situation, every chapter digging just a little deeper
Girlcrisis 6 years
The final two chapters are brilliant. I love all the conflicting desires and your descriptions are wonderfully evocative as always.
Eponymous 6 years
Thanks for commenting and enjoying the story. There's definitely more to come.
Frostxwatcher 6 years
More please something more force full safe for work