chapter 1: the twins

Evelyn was about a mile away from returning home from her morning run when she caught a glimpse of her sister’s car speeding by her. Scarlett was returning home from her freshman year of college and Evelyn, the 18-year-old high-school graduate, was eager to hear about her sister’s experience. So, Evelyn adjusted her sports bras, her DD cups required the extra support, and picked up her pace.

With each step she took, the locks of her curly, medium-length, dirty-blonde hair bounced up and down. Her hair being all over the place never bothered her, it was heaving her two juicy melons around that Evelyn dreaded.

Despite being relatively short at 5’3, puberty had graced Evelyn early on with the largest boobs in her high school. Proportional to her size that is, there were a few fatties that had bigger breasts than she did, but Evelyn only weighed about 125lbs and sported a narrow waist with defined abs.

As Evelyn turned onto her street, a random car driving by gave her a honk of approval. Turning her head, Evelyn recognized the face as one of her male friends from school. He’d probably caught a glimpse of her firm and shapely butt from behind and recognized her. After all, there were not too many short women who maintained such a full hourglass figure in their small town.

Prancing into the driveway, sweaty and in need of a drink of water, Evelyn was stopped in her tracks once she observed her sister unloading stuff from her car. Though Evelyn and Scarlett were twins, they hardly looked identical anymore.

Scarlett took notice of Evelyn’s stunned expression and defensively declared to her judgmental twin sister, “Quit looking at me like that! Gaining weight your first year of college is inevitable! It’s the sad truth!”

“Haha, oh my god Scarlett! You’re huge!” Evelyn teased with a poke to her sister’s generous gut, “It’s the freshman 15 not the freshman 50! Didn’t you get the memo?”

“Laugh it up while you still can, because I guarantee that a year from now, you’ll be the one sporting some serious unwanted pounds.” Scarlett vowed, as Evelyn inspected her sister further.

Not only had Scarlett grown a big round belly, but her breasts had inflated like water balloons and now rested upon her outwardly protruding belly. If Scarlett’s gut didn’t look so mushy and soft, Evelyn might have mistaken her for being pregnant.

“Yeah right. Fat chance. I’m not lazy like you.” Evelyn countered. Even though the two of them had sported a roughly identical body shape since puberty, Scarlett was always a bit soft, and Evelyn was always in better shape.

“Lazy or not, it’s got nothing to do with it. When you go to college you break away from the routine you’ve had your whole life. And all those lifestyle changes really add up.” Scarlett began to earnestly warn her younger sister.

“Unhealthy lifestyle changes add up, which is why you got fat and I won’t.” Evelyn countered mocking her sister’s excuses.

Looking visibly embarrassed, Scarlett shot back, “Listen, we’re all in this together sis, nobody looks as good as they did in high school after their first year of college. Ignoring my advice on this is a recipe for disaster.”

“Haha, I’ll take my chances.” Evelyn chuckled to herself, as she headed inside without offering to help Scarlett unload her car.

Unlike most twins, Evelyn and Scarlett were not the closest of friends. Their independence from each other was seeded the day they were born. Scarlett, the older of the two, was born on September 1st at 11:58PM. Evelyn was born on September 2nd at 12:13AM. This distinction meant little to the poor family of four until about five years down the road.

You see, the cut-off date for kindergarten in their state was September 1st which meant Scarlett was eligible to start her formal education at age 5 but Evelyn wasn’t. Since the twin’s parents both worked full time at low paying jobs, they were stuck with a difficult choice. Continue paying expensive daycare costs for both of their young girls or enroll Scarlett in kindergarten and only send Evelyn to daycare. For better or worse, the parents went with the cheapest option.

So, despite being only 15 minutes apart in age, Scarlett and Evelyn went through their primary education one grade level apart. They formed different peer groups, apart from their mutual friend and neighbor, Paige.

Growing up, Scarlett was quick to get ahead with her education, making Evelyn feel like she was the less academically gifted of the two; however, Scarlett was the youngest in her grade meaning that at a young age she was so outmatched at sports that she never picked any up. Conversely, Evelyn was the oldest in her grade giving her the edge in sports from a young age. So, while Scarlett excelled in the classroom, Evelyn dominated every sport she decided to play.

By the time each sister was in high school, puberty had set in, and things had changed slightly for the distant twins. Both sisters were early bloomers, but Scarlett especially matured slightly faster than Evelyn. As Scarlett received more and more male attention, her interest in academics waned. She developed a thing for the local ‘bad boys’ and partied throughout her senior year of high school.

Evelyn, on the other hand, handled her popularity with the opposite sex more modestly. Though she got a boyfriend, Rob, a thrower on her track team, her interests still lay in sports. However, unfortunately for her collegiate ambitions, her times for track and field and cross country got worse every year after her record-breaking freshman season thanks to her womanly developments. Meaning that there were no athletic scholarships to help her pay for college.

When presented with the option of going to a community college and staying at home with her parents or taking out student loans and finally getting to live out of state, Evelyn chose the latter. Though she and her boyfriend were set to attend different colleges in the Fall, they were going to try keeping things going long distance.

Despite all the change on the horizon, Evelyn was optimistic about enjoying her summer vacation and starting her college career in the fall. Though she didn’t always get along with her older sister, she’d always been able to learn from her twin’s mistakes. Though college might have ruined her sister’s once exquisite figure, Evelyn was determined not to let it ruin hers.
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Josemiguel1017 1 year
Plz make more stories
Angelhoney 1 year
loved this story. hope is definitely my favorite character and i loved the power dynamic switch at the end. would love to see hope pork up a little bit
Akwolfgrl13 1 year
This was great
Toms0321 1 year
Thanks for a wonderful story. What is a good idea is to wear a vintage girdle Rago 6210 daily to give your stomach the support it needs. The benefits of girdle are amazing.
Azismiss 1 year

I was hoping for a lot more story.

Scenes of her getting huge and her new girlfriend force feeding her fatter...
Jazzman 1 year
Loved the birth date twist at the start. For a sequel I would enjoy Hope and Evelyn with Hope catching up somewhat. Maybe a little of the theme where Hope eats so Evelyn won't grow as fast.Great story