internet impacts

chapter 1

(Writer’s Note: This is a re-upload! For whatever reason I had issues updating this story past the first two chapters, so I’ve had to re-create it under a new story. Fingers crossed that it works this time!)

Teagan kicked off her trainers with a sigh, having just come home after a light jog. It had been two months since she started her Youtube channel documenting her weight loss and so far managed to lose 10 pounds.

Teagan collapsed onto her sofa, letting her sore legs rest for a few moments before picking her laptop up off the coffee table. While she definitely didn't have a lot of subscribers, the comments people would leave cheering her on were always a pleasant read and so she checked them often.
Her eyes widened as her videos seemed to have jumped in popularity since the last time she checked, going from 500 views to more around 3000.

She quickly scrolled through her activity to try and find any source as to why there had been a sudden increase, managing to find a comment on her latest video with at least fifty responses.

"I accidentally watched all of her vids in reverse order and thought she was gaining weight lol."

Read the original comment. Teagan's eyebrows furrowed as she clicked on the drop down to read the replies.

"Is it just me or did anyone else think she looked better in her first vid??"

"OMG op!! that's a great idea. i'm gonna watch them in reverse now"

"Trust me, it's SO hot."

She wasn't too sure on what to make of all of this, though the increase of numbers started to make sense. These commenters must have spread her channel around, yet Teagan found it hard to believe that many people would want to see someone *gain* weight instead of lose it.

Teagan decided not to think too much about it for now, setting up her camera to document her jog.

She refreshed her channel over and over again as soon as she posted her most recent vlog, seeing whether or not the commenters on her last video would return. While Teagan saw the usual handful of subscribers congratulating her for her recent exercise routine, a flood of new usernames began to come through.

"Plzzzz u are so so hot in yr first vid plz stop losing weight!!!!"

"i hope she gives up and gains all the weight back. lmao"

"I would literally pay to see her gain weight. Haven't been able to stop thinking about it since watching the playlist in reverse."

Teagan slammed her laptop shut immediately, bringing her knees up to her chest. She reread the last comment over and over in her head, "I would literally pay to see her gain weight."

She stared down at her figure. When she had started making videos she was around 240 pounds, now being more in line with 225. She had been doing so well yet she had to admit she was beginning to miss the junk food that was cut out of her life.

After a few moments of silence, Teagan reopened her laptop and turned to incognito mode. With a small inhale she began typing the words "weight gain fetish" in the search bar, closing her eyes while it loaded the results.

To her surprise, she found multiple images, websites and videos easily accessible to view. She didn't think it was an overly common thing, if it weren't for her commenters she probably never would have known about the community.

The tabs began to pile up as Teagan dug further and further into what she referred to as 'research'. She came across a Youtube channel who lived around the same area Teagan did, going by the online username BBWSparkles.
Clicking through various videos, she was also a vlogger type channel who documented what it was like to be a BBW while keeping things restricted to Youtube guidelines. Because of this, she often advertised her account to a separate website where more videos, pictures and content were posted.

The website seemed dedicated to posting content about the kink, which was certainly handy for Teagan’s ‘research’. Her eyes widened as she saw thumbnails of BBWSparkles' videos of her being funnel fed, tied to chairs, eating a whole buffet's worth of food in one sitting...

Was this really something Teagan was contemplating? Recording herself gaining weight just because a few people on her Youtube videos would rock their socks off to it? She had a lot to think about, as well as a lot of questions. It was worth a longshot, but Teagan messaged BBWSparkles with a request to meet up.

Within the hour, the location, date and time had been set.
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Iread247 2 years
I just love that my name Penelope is in here
Austin Micha... 2 years
If you did a chapter 11 which is technically chapter 10 would you bring in a skinny girl named Isabel who meets with Tegan and Penelope or make it into Isabel's gain Internet Impacts?
Saxplayer 2 years
Amazing! You could do 3-5 years onwards down the road ?
ChrisBsmurfin 2 years
I have a feeling Teagan is going to get 'Uge' 😉
Pd500 2 years
Love this! This can be a wonderful long term gaining relationship 👌
Rickeb 2 years
Time for a double date so Mike can compare Teagan with Penelope to see what a possible future could be with his feedee girlfriend. Maybe pass P and become the bigger girl.
RFBurton 2 years
right into immobility maybe? A few twists along the way?