it’s ok to be scared

Chapter 1

It’s ok to be scared.

The others were scared, too. It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown, of not being able to discern your fate.

But you already know your fate. You’ve seen what I did to the others, how beautiful they became. It wasn’t easy on them, and it won’t be easy on you. It will hurt, most days. You won’t enjoy it for a long time, but eventually you will.

I know the thought of doing this to you terrifies your soul. The embarrassment of being turned into some freak, a useless pile of flesh and lard, will be too great to ignore. But you don’t have to be embarrassed. You’re never going to see another human being again, with the exception being me. And while you probably hate me now, you will come to need me. To want me. To desire me.

I will rewrite your brain, erasing any past semblance of who you were or wanted to be. It’s okay to be scared, but you can’t fight it. I’ll condition you like an animal, rewarding you for good behavior and punishing you for bad. Trust me, you’ve never felt pleasure like I can give you. You’ll become addicted to my touch, and all you have to do to get it is eat like you will never eat again, every single day.

You’re mine now, I own you. You don’t have a say in your body anymore because it’s not yours-it’s mine. Like I said, this will hurt you. Your first heart attack won’t be pleasant. Your stomach will be pumped to just before bursting, and you will cry real tears during it. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I’ll reward you with so much after. Your eyes will solely exist in the back of your head, the things I’ll do to you will leave your brain cells dying from a sensory overload.

You will become dumb. Complex sentences and thought will be lost to you, with the only thing that will be important to you is pleasing me. It’s okay to be scared now, but you won’t be in a few years. The mental and physical transformation will bury any previous doubts you had.

All of this will end eventually. I’ve perfected my craft but can only take the human body so far. Perhaps you’ll go further than the others, or maybe you’ll fizzle out early. But no matter what, you won’t be scared by the end. Your heart will struggle to beat, your vision will blur, your arteries will be clogged and your muscles will atrophy but you won’t be scared.

You’ll just beg for more.
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Chrysophase2003 7 months
Nice piece. Very cerebral. Kidnapping trauma, the kidnapper assuring the victim that things will get better with disturbing certainty; the assurance being Stockholm Syndrome, isolation, brainwashing-
Chrysophase2003 7 months
2: and likely a few drugs. Despite the kidnapper being honest, in a way, (he doesn't make any bones about him fattening her to death) he's so far from the moralities and beliefs of the human gestalt
Chrysophase2003 7 months
3: that he acknowledges taking people, fattening them and dumbing them down, until such time as their bodies give out & die. The tone of the speaker is such that he's well experienced with disposal,
Chrysophase2003 7 months
4: The false sympathy the kidnapper offers the victim, that sympathy giving way to solid facts on how much the beginning is going hurt; it's great! The kidnapper tells the victim what will ultimately
Chrysophase2003 7 months
5: happen without batting an eye. For her, her entire path in life has just changed drastically. To him, it's Tuesday. Her only recourse from now on is to obey, fetishize it, let Stockholm Syndrome
Chrysophase2003 7 months
6. take the wheel, and concentrate on her libido becoming more powerful for every IQ point she kicks to the curb.