it runs in the family

Chapter 1 - meet the motoya

"Vicky, honey, dinner is served" Gloria shouted from the kitchen
"I'm not hungry right now mom"
"But sweetie, you haven't eating anything all day"
"I said I'm not hungry mom, I will eat later"
This is a normal conversation in the house of the Montoya's, and it worries Gloria every single time, you see, Gloria is a normal housewife, she stands at a small 5'0" and weighing around 130 pounds, she is a bit chubby but nothing too serious, she carries most of her weight in her lower half, her hips and butt are a site to behold, being from Mexico she doesn't mind overeating, nor some extra chubb, but this only makes things worst when you compare her to daughter Vicky. Vicky was always underweight, even at birth, but things only got worst as time went on.

It all started with her first boyfriend, the guy was a dick, he was only dating Vicky to attract another girl, and even then he still demanded her to stay thin as a rail, eventually they broke up but that only made things worst. Vicky started to get depress and ashamed of her body, thinking that she was fat and unloved she resorted to stop eating most of the time.

And this brings us to the present day, where a 18 years old Vicky stands at 5'4" weighing only 100 pounds, it is obvious to say that she is anorexic, her ribs show through her clothes, her arms are just bones and skin, her entire figure is just stick thin.

But today Gloria made a choice, she was was gonna fatten her daughter up whether she liked or not, she couldn't just stand there while her daughter literally starved to death. She was going to make her healthy one way or another

(Hi guys, this is my first story and English isn't my native language, so, if there are some spelling mistakes please tell me to correct them ASAP, either way, I wanted to make this first chapter to introduce to the main character's. I'm planning a lot of things (cofcofstuckagecofcof), but if you have something that you'll like to see tell me and I may added, anyway, that's all for now, see ya)
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FAbrony 4 years
going off what i said earlier i think Vicky should get notacibly ahead of Susan too, just make it so each member is in a diffrent place
FAbrony 4 years
I think gloira should get really far ahead like 250+, it would make sense with what’s happened in the story so far and it would give a sense of diffrence between group members. As i feel if they are all relatively equal it might be more limiting then if
Adoragordas124 6 years
Hmmm a gain of 200 in a month is kind of hard, but maybe they can stay for two months instead of one
Ulvrik 6 years
hmm i do really like the option C ^^ their weight? hmm how about 400-500 for the girls and 500-600 for gloria? just a suggestion ^^
Loco123 6 years
I think it would be good if suddenly Susan would eat in the night too
Adoragordas124 6 years
Hey guys, I kind of want to commission an artist to make a drawing of Gloria, Susan and Vicky, and put it as the cover picture, so if any of you know (or are) an artist that can make that at a reasonable price, let me know
Adoragordas124 6 years
Heck, uhhhhh I really like that idea, the kids making there mother really fat, I really like that
Heck 6 years
For a sequel, I think it would be good if Vicky or maybe one of her friends, became a mother, but was purposefully fattened by their kids
Adoragordas124 6 years
Heck, I like the idea of Susan and Vicky being really obese caretakers, I love to hear your idea for the sequel
Adoragordas124 6 years
FA guy, thanks dude!
Adoragordas124 6 years
Tunker, I appreciate the idea, but I'm not into male weight gain, sorry
Heck 6 years
I really like this story, simply because there aren't enough Mother and Daughter weight gain stories. That being said, I think I'd be great if Gloria ended up immobile, with Susan and Vicky as her caretakers. As for a sequel, I think I'd be great if Vicky
FA Guy 6 years
I love this story and would like to see it keep going
Adoragordas124 6 years
Dolphinsoccergirl, sadly I can give you an answer, I'm still waiting to see if more people answer the questions that I left and after that I need to think how to continue, but hopefully soon
Adoragordas124 6 years
Ulvrik thanks you for your feedback, i really aprecciated nwn
Adoragordas124 6 years
Thank you plaidnok ^^
Nok 6 years
I like your descriptions
Ulvrik 6 years
1. I thonk a combo with both smiley

2. oh! gain defineltly! hmm i would say a bit faster, with the thought that there are allready two overeater ^^
Adoragordas124 6 years
2 would you like to see Susan gain weight to or would you prefer if it stayed just Gloria and Vicky?
If you choose for her to gain, would you like to see her gain at a fast speed or a lower speed?
Adoragordas124 6 years
Hey guys, today's chapter was reeeeeealy long so I hope you enjoy it
Another thing, I need your feedback on some things
1 would you like to see things go slower (the girls no gaining as fast, no that many jumpcuts and not so long ones where I make them)
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