Chapter 1 - the begining

Jacob is a a guy in his mid 20s with a fit body and a head of dark brown hair that was always perfectaly styled and maintained.

One night Jacob was laying in bed trying get to sleep but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't. He tried everything he even striped off his pyjamas and now was laying in the centre of his large wood framed double bed on his back with his duvet on top of him. Later he was just begining to doze off when he felt a pressure grrowing in his stomach he tried to egnore it when it started to spread to he chest and back then his arms and legs then a few moments after that his face before finaly his hands and feet.

This sensation was accompanied by his body feeling heavyer like his light mucles wer going into atrophy and that his body spreading out on his bed it was then the it suddenly hit Jacob that he was inexplicably getting fatter...

He tried to sit up but he was poweless to do so as he had already grown to heavy to get up he could feel a thick fupa growing around his penis, his thighs spreading out, a newly formed double chin prevented him from looking down and two large chubby cheeks were obscuring his face all making his head feel so heavy in tired state and he started to fall asleep and he tried to resist until he couldn't any more falling in to a very deep sleep.

That night he had very unusual dreams about a Julian feeding him large amounts of food and making him and of hin enjoying it; enjoying the feeling of being treated like a pig, enjoying the feeling of being so helpless and enjoying the feeling of Julian riding on his buried cock after being stuffed full of junk food. Later on in the dream he was being helped by Julian to stand up and walk to the bathroom, as he pulled himself up from a he could feel all of his fat draging him down if it wern't for the double-wide walker in front of him to grab on to and Julian behind him pushing he wouldn't have even lifed of the bed.

The less than two meter walk to the was long and arduous and he had to stop and take lots of breaks in order to catch his breath aat one point he stoped in front of the mirror this was the first oppertunity he got to see just how big he really was, everything was large, round and soft. There was a thick roll of fat on the back of his now bald head that obscured his neck along with his thick double chin and round cheeks, It was at this moment he woke up
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