chapter 1

Jeanette was short and slim. The clothes she wore hid her intoned body pretty well. She recently got hired to work at a company as an editor. This meant she needed office clothes since it was her first time working in that type of setting.

When she went to buy her clothes she bought 5 pairs of thin fabric pants. They fit her in a way that didn’t cling to her body but weren’t baggy. The fabric was slightly stretchy which she liked in case she ever got bloated for whenever she was on her time of the month. To go with the pants, she bought a thin black belt that would go with all her office outfits.

For the shirts she decided to get 5 as well. They were also thin, but not see through. They were loose enough to hide her untoned stomach, but if she was to gain weight it will show quickly. She planned to tuck in those shirts and wear a blazer on top of them. Going with basic colors for the shirts and pants she was able to add colors and patterns to her blazers. She was lucky enough to get them tailored just right to her body. They weren’t too tight or too baggy on her.

On her first day at the office, she was introduced to the rest of the team. She got a tour of the office and was told we’re everything was that she would ever need. Her job was simple. Sitting at her desk editing whatever was given was to her. She would occasionally need to go make copies or go to the library in the building, but other than that she would sit all day at her desk and in meetings editing away.

The office building had a cafe in the first floor and there was multiple fast food places at a walking distance. Jeanette started off eating breakfast at home and bringing her own lunch. After a week, she discovered she got a little hungry before lunch and right before she got off work, so she was always going into the break room and getting a snack from the vending machine. This routine lasted for two weeks when she began to buy her breakfast at the cafe and buy her lunch near the building.

Although she had been in this routine for a month, no one would have noticed she had gained weight by just looking at her. If you were to look at a picture from her first day to know you definitely could see where her new found weight had gone.

Her pants used to have just the right amount of space between her skin and the fabric. Her thighs had clearly filled up this gap, but not enough to stretch the pants when she was standing. Her butt had gotten bigger as well causing the waistband to rest a little hire for it to close. Her stomach was a little softer but not enough to show through her shirt. Her shirt would occasionally cling to her belly but would loosen as she moved.

Jeanette continued her eating routine and eventually she began to buy premised meals for her dinner. She would soon come to realize the amount of weight she has put on since starting her job.
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Joey95 2 years
Excellent story, please continue