jekyl n hyde

  By Jck

Chapter 1 - in the beginning

Marriage has been so good to so many of the lovely ladies among us, especially here in America. Take a beautiful young woman, give her a house in the burbs, an suv, a line of credit and a nice plush comfy couch to spend her hours and She will give you in a relatively short time a messy house trashed out suv, maxed out credit cards and a sloppy growing messy pig spread out across the couch that you will come home to the rest of your life, surrounded by food wrappers and waiting on the food you brought home like she hasn't eaten all day. Before you get a word out She has half a whopper in Her mouth softly panting and moaning as a glob of ketchup plunges from what she's eating onto the same nighty she's been wearing for who knows how many weeks in a row without washing. As you notice the food stains she's covered with she lets out a belch, pats her precious gut, and tells you its sooo good. That's America. That's beautiful. But if that is the essential American house wife, what about her other half. What are his thoughts in all of this. Some no doubt realize one day to their shock and horror what is happening and respond with despair. But what if an unsuspecting young woman entering into just such a marriage with a man not what he seems. Almost as if she was chosen for just such a reason by a man who is in control of what appears to be chaos. What if the visions in his head are of a woman too big to get out of bed, growing and growing and growing. Now instead if feeling sorry for Him, your concern may be for this young girl who has no idea what is in store for her . Or on the other hand you may want a front row seat to this freak show because you have a few maladjustments of your own. If this is you welcome, have a seat, enjoy the show! For your enjoyment we have a lovely couple, perfect for just such an exhibition She is just as sexy as you have been imagining. He is just as cunning as smooth as you may think, and oh boy, is He full of surprises. Will He show mercy to His helpless prey? Will She figure things out in time to help herself?
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