jelly belly fitness camp part 2

chapter 1

The fat men were lead to the food hall with holly trailing behind Jill. She moved slowly behind her having to drag her fat belly along. It kept getting in the way of her knees making it hard to crawl as her knees kept bumping into the blubbery fat.

"Right fatties, this is the food hall, find a seat and try not to pig out haha. You'll find a pint of protein shake on the tables, drink them first, they will replace all the things you lost during your "exercise" hehe"

The men looked around the good hall. There was long tables filling the room, the tables were covered in all types of food. There were burgers, cakes, pizza, milkshakes, ice cream and many other sweet and fatty treats.
The fat men chose a seat, they saw the protein shake on the table. They all drank it down not thinking anything off it. The shake contained hunger stimulators and other chemicals to increase the amount of fat that will go on to their body's. it was a test to see it they had the will power to go hungry or stuff their big fat bellies.
The fat men all did the latter, they were starving and wanted to feel the contentment of having an overfill belly. It is always a great comfort for a fat man, having your belly so full you can't move, the feeling of being sedated with food. They all sat at their seats, their huge bellies sitting in their lap and touching the tables. They gorged on all the food around them, filling there growing guts and once the hunger stimulator started to work the gorging increased. By about half an hour in they were full, but they kept going, eating and eating. They were groaning and rubbing the fat bellies, their hands sinking into the warm blubbery flesh.


Jill was watching the show from a stage like platform, she sat on a seat with Holly kneeling in front of her. Jill was using Holly's huge butt cheeks as a foot rest. The platform was there so she could watch how the fatties were doing and if they managed to stop themselves pigging out. They had failed.

"Dear me fat girl, those porkers aren't watching how many calories their taking in are they haha. Look at them go, it's like watching a bunch of pigs."

"Stop guys, this is what she wants. Stop filling those huge bellies"

Holly thought as she was knelt down with Jill feet on her butt.

"I think punishment is in order, don't you miss moobs. Yeah I think I need to make an example out of one of those fat pigs"

Jill looked down at holly and thought of the ideal punishment, she laughed to her self, Holly didn't like the sound of the laugh.
Jill let the porker feed for a while longer, hearing the moaning and groaning as the slumped in their seats, their once loose, flabby bellies were now slightly harder and rounder.


Frank was lying back in the seat, rubbing his now bloated belly, his hands massaging the top of his belly were it was the most stuffed.

"Ohh god I'm stuffed, I can't believe I ate so much and I'm still hungry. I feel huge, like a big fat ball"

Frank thought while he was sitting there, lost in the pleasure of having a full belly. His peace was broken as he heard Jill shout.

"Wow look at this, you butterballs have no control do you. I've been watching you stuff your fat faces for about an hour and a half. You pigs are disgusting and disgusting pigs need punished"

The fat guys eyes all snapped open at hearing Jill shout. But they were to tired and full to care, they were all seconds from falling asleep. Jill continued.

"Get up you fat lot and get in a line. One of you greedy overstuffed pigs are getting punished. Get those stuffed bellies lifted of those fat thighs. Now fat boys!"

The porkers panicked and tried to get out of their seats. They didn't want to move due to being so full of food, their body's felt fat and heavy. They dragged themselves up, most held onto there bellies and grimaced as they got up. There bellies were painfully full.
Once they were up the got organised into a line.
Jill was standing in front of the line, holing onto the leash that was attached to Holly.

"Look at the state of you guys, you should be ashamed at yourselves. Holding onto your fat bellies like your pregnant or something, it's pathetic. So fat boys, if you want to act like a bunch of pigs, one of you are going to get to act like one"

Jill motioned to Holly who was naked and on a leash.

"Your going to join this little porky pig haha. You'll like that wont you porky, a little piggy friend. Huh?"

Jill slapped Holly on her huge butt, it wobbled and rippled.

"Yes, I would love a piggy friend"

Holly answered, knowing she had no choice.
The fat men looked horrified, they weren't needing this. They were so happy eating and relaxing, now they had to deal with this. All they wanted to do was sleep of the huge meal they just had.

"Good fat girl, such a obedient porker. Now fat girl, pick one hehe"

Holly's eyes widened at this, she couldn't mean this, she didn't want to put one of the men through this or anybody. Holly's heart started beating heavily as her mind was scattered. She didn't know what to do.
The fat men's eyes were wide as they stared at the kneeling fat woman. Knowing one of them were going to be kneeling naked beside her very soon.

"Come on fat girl, which one of these jelly bellies is your favourite? Huh? Hurry up fatty, choose!"

Holly panicked at Jill's shouting, she knew she just had to choose one, there was no escape from that. Instead of choosing she lifted up her hand and pointed to one of the men randomly.

"This one porky, wow you must like huge fatties. Now to seal the deal, look at him and say you want him to be your fat piggy friend"

Holly looked up and saw who see pointed at, it was Frank, who looked at her with a look of confusion and disbelief.

"No, not me. Why did she point at me? The stupid bi*ch, why did she point at me!! Don't pick ME!!!!"

Frank though as he stood horrified, in disbelief at what was going to happen to him.

"I....I.....I want him to be my fat piggy friend"

Frank watched helplessly as she said it.

"That settles it fat boy, get those shorts off and get on the ground. Your going to be my second fat pig"

Frank was too tired and defeated to fight, this was his fate now, to become the crawling fat pig his dad always said he would become.

He reached down to the waist band of his shorts and started to pull them down, he got them to his ankles then fought for a minutes trying to wrestle them off his feet.
Jill was laughing the whole time, especially his struggle getting the shorts off his feet and his blubber body wobbling around the whole time. His face was bright red and he was sweating, he couldn't believe he was now standing naked in front of a group of people. Wearing only those shorts were bad enough, now this was hell.

"Haha now your a big baked butterball, you look so round and blubbery without the shorts. I bet if feels great being freed from them. They did look tight around those huge flabby legs you have, what a porker"

Jill said standing in front of the naked fat man, who was trying his best not to cry. He's never felt so fat and bare than he did now in his whole life. He hated it.

"Now show me your little piggy penis and balls, get that belly lifted fatso"

Franks eyes pleaded, Jill could see it, but her cold eyes stared at him telling him he wasn't getting out of it. Frank reached down to grab the bottom off his belly, it took a lot of huffing and bending to get a hold of his blubbery hanging fat. He lifted it as high as his flabby arms could.

"Ohh boy, there some big nuts, check them out guys there huge. I've never seen such a huge sack on such a fatty. You must be proud, having balls like these between your legs"

Jill said cupping Franks huge balls. He took a sharp intake of breath when she cupped them. He stood there frozen as she started to massage them in her hand. She moved her hand around in a circle motion, rubbing the back of his sack with her fingers. She stopped rubbing them then gave them a few surprise pats. Frank jump at the sudden pat to his testicles.

"I can't say this thing is huge though haha, this is one tiny pecker. I bet you pee on your belly don't you fat boy, holding up all this fat properly with one hand and aiming your little winky must be impossible. Haha or do you sit like a girl huh fat boy? Tell me!"

"I sit down like a girl when I pee, I've always sat down."

"Aww have you always been too fat to pee like a boy should. I'm surprised you weren't raised as a girl. Tell me fat boy, did you ever steal your mums clothes? Did you prance about in her pantyhose when she was away out or sleeping?"

"Yes....yes I did, I used to steal her pantyhose when she was out"

Frank blurted out, he couldn't believe he was telling a group of people his dirty little secret, but he didn't want to give Jill a reason to punish him further.

"Ewww you dirty boy, I bet you jerked off in them too haha, did your little willy get hard in them huh?"

"Yes my little willy always got hard in them, it felt good on my penis"

"What a fat perv you are, hahaha look at that your getting turned on by talking about it. Your little willy is getting hard fat boy, it's trying to get out from all that fat. Check the little thing out guys, it's saying hello"


Frank stood there helplessly as his little penis grew hard, it stuck out slightly more than usual and looked fatter.
His arms started to shake a bit due to holding up his huge hefty belly. His flabby arms not used to so much exercise. Frank stood there mortified as the group stated at his small hard willy, Holly had the best view of his genitals from bring on the floor. Jill saw her staring at his exposed cock and balls.

"Like what you see at girl, you seemed intrigued by his huge balls. Have you ever seen a mans balls in the flesh before fat girl?"

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