jennifer becomes a fat pig

Chapter 1 - prologue and chapter 1


"Alright, i'm coming!" i said as i walked out of the
bathroom. I got no response as I walked to the kitchen to a mesmerizing scene. She has taken all of her clothes off and has begun stuffing herself with the meal I made for us two. Well, less of a meal and more of a feast. She is completely oblivious to me staring at her with wide eyes as she digs through the mountains of food, throwing out occasional burps as she sips from a bottle of coke. This is so hot. I slowly walk up to her and take a seat as her gaze remains fixated on the piles of junk food ahead of her.
"Jenny?" I gather up the courage to ask for her attention. No response. I decide not to divide her attention from the food, and instead I slowly reach my hand for her pot belly and give it a quick jiggle. "What the hell are you doing?", My mind yells at me. Instead of those being the words she would also shout, she gives out a quick moan and goes back to stuffing herself.
Realizing she is completely oblivious to anything other than the mounds of fast food ahead of her, I decide to slowly begin rubbing her belly as she continues to stuff herself and take sips from the coke next to her. I would never do this with any girl ever, but then again, no girl would ever stuff herself half naked in my kitchen.
Since i'm so horny and drunk, i continue rubbing her as she begins to finish her stuffing spree. She lays back and starts moaning and burping like crazy.
She finally begins turning to me and i quickly take my hand off her belly. Her eyes quickly widen and she blushes. Oh boy.




My name is Tyler. I am an above average looking teenager teenager in h. I have had a few sexual encounters
with some cute girls before, but nothing would come close to what i would see when a student called Jenny moved here. We met in the senior year of high school. I had an attraction for "plus-sized" women and as i met that pot-bellied beauty with perfect jet black hair, a beautiful face, grand thighs and a great looking ass, I slowly developed a crush on her. We went to the same classes so we talked a lot, and that's when I noticed how intelligent and charming she was. When I asked her out with my group of friends to McDonald's I noticed her rather "gluttonous" eating habits as she ordered again after stuffing her face with several Big Mac's. That's when i knew it. She was perfect. So after several days of going out with her and getting to know her more, one day in school I gathered up the courage to ask her to my house for dinner.
"Hey Jenny!" I shouted as i saw her walking in the school halls. "Hey Tyler, what's up?" she said curiously. "You wanna come to my house for dinner tonight? Just us two?" I said. "Sure! Sounds fun!" She answers. Hell yes.
Later that evening after we exchanged some text messages she comes to my house a few minutes after. She's wearing casual blue jeans and a t-shirt. I then lead her to my kitchen. "Wow, this is a lot of food, are you sure about this Tyler?" She asks. "Yeah, it's not like were gonna eat all of this, the rest is saved for my family coming later this week." I lied, knowing how she eats. "Alright then..." She says meekly. "I'm sure it'll be great. Hey, i gotta go to the bathroom, you can start eating. I'll be right back."

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Theswordsman 3 years
Just curiously how much does she weigh now
Jonte 3 years
Sure, ill edit the first chapter a bit next week
Theswordsman 3 years
You could describe the character who's telling the story
Jonte 3 years
Alright, this is my very first story. For the first chapter there was very little dialogue but thats gonna change in the following chapters. im gonna need all the feedback and criticism so i can make better chapters later on, so bring it, im all ears.