jennifers transformation

chapter 1

Jennifer stood in front of the mirror in her room, observing her fit body. At 5.6 and 130 lbs, she looked amazing with rock hard abs and defined muscles. She worked out 6 days a week and today running was on the schedule. Little did she know how big inpact running that evening would have on her life.....

That day she thought of running outdoors instead of inside the gym. She ordinary always train at the gym because she could lift weights at the same workout. But today was not an ordinary day. She wanted to explore her adventurous side. She decided to run through the forest and uphill the mountain to have a look at the enviroment.

45 minutes later she had gotten halfway to the top. It have been very steep the whole way, thereby she decided to stop running when the mountain got temporary flat. The endorphines striked here at ones making her sit down and have a look at the enviroment, the view was amazing.

After 20 minutes of relaxation she got up and walked around to the other side of the mountain. To her biggest surprice, a big cave appeared from here eyesight. Standing in front of it, she could only see darkness. With more curiosity than fear in her mind, she walked in.

Inside the cave there were nothing but rock on the sides, but in front there was a painting hanging at the rockwall. Jennifer got a feeling of being watched, but she changed her mind quickly thinking it was the painting tricking her. She approached it.

Standing in front, she saw it was herself on the painting, wearing only underwear. She feelt the horror spread inside her. After what felt like forever a voice sounded behind her:

- How rude is it to just go inside someones home without asking first?

Jennifer turned around, there stood a fat woman with long black hair and a black dress. The woman looked at Jennifers body and lightened up with an evil grin. Obviously having a plan for her...

- Who are you?
- Im Nadja the witch, I change lives.
- What do you mean, witches doesnt exists!?
- I love making pigs dear.
- Your sick! Prove your a witch.
- Sure.

She told some sentences and made my half naked self in the painting morphing into a pig. Directly after, the picture gave some oink sounds.

- This must be a nightmare! shouted Jennifer.
- Calm down sweetie, let me examine your body.
- Dont touch me! Your a psycho!
- Remember im a witch right? I could just kill you here right now.

Nadja came closer to Jennifer taking of her clothes, grabbing her A cup breasts followed by inspecting her belly and ass. She stroke all over Jennifers body finnishing with a light spank.

- How tall are you and whats your weight?
-Thats not your business! Right!?
- Never mind... your 5.6 and 130 lbs and have bmi 21.
- How!?.....
- Im a witch thats why. your so skinny dear, We will make a hog out of you. What will your friends say?? then they se their fitness girl pigging out? Your rock hard abs will be buried in no time with delicious fat that will bounce whenever you walk hahahahahahahaha.

Jennifer started to cry, horrified what would happen to her physique that she had fighten for so long.

- Please Nadja i beg you let me go!
- I will after my spell honey.
- Please no, she started to cry more.
- Just one kiss honey then you can go and be my piggy.

Nadja walked to Jennifer, still crying in fear, gave her a hug and wispered in her ears:

- It will be over soon. Its your destiny to be a pig and thats what you will be remembered for honey. My kiss will do wonders for you.

She kissed her for a minute. Jennifer could feel a strange flow going through the body. then the kiss stopped, everything around faded away from her. Last thing she heared was 'its your destiny'.

Jennifer woke up in her appartment realising it all being a really dreadful nightmare. Extremely relieved it all being a dream, her motivation to keep her fit lifestyle grew much stronger than before.

Or was it a dream?
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