jess' fattening fantasy (part 1)

Chapter 1 - part 1

It's only the first week of holidays and I simply have to slow down! I've been pigging out way too much recently. I lament over eating such a big breakfast this morning. So much bacon and cheese and then having the nerve to finish off with waffles and ice cream. So bad! I'll skip dinner. The ice cream was melting so I ate it all quickly. My size fourteen jeans shorts had to be unbuttoned by the end. I couldn't move very well. Groaning seemed to make it better, so as I walked with my button undone I moaned and rubbed my belly. I can't deny how much it turns me on. What if I really let go and got fat? It wouldn't be all bad. But seriously I'm too big as it is. I need to get in shape this summer. I'll go for a swim, get some exercise. My butt jiggles a little as I squeeze into my one-piece bathing suit. I suck in my stomach almost subconsciously as I admire my ample curves in the mirror. I'm still gorgeous. Some exercise wouldn't hurt though. My mum eyes me judgementally as I leave the house in my swimwear. All my fat on display. Yeah I'm Jess, your porky fat excuse for a daughter. I cringe with every step, hoping all that jiggling isn't as noticeable to others as it is to me. I suddenly worry that my jean shorts are actually amplifying how fat my butt and thighs are instead of hiding them.

But when I got to the beach I felt tired and lethargic. Breakfast was still heavy in my stomach so I just lay there and absorbed the sun. My inactivity was surely converting all of breakfast straight into more fat. In my daydreams people walk by me on the beach as I snack from a bottomless picnic basket. I've been having these dreams recently. The memories of them seem to resurface during the day whenever I worry about my weight. They seem to get more and more vivid each time. In this one little children stare and point saying how huge I am, that I'm as fat as a beached whale. Their parents shush them and drag them away. My dream self blushes at the spectacle I am making of myself. Such a naughty piggy. Stuffing herself big full and round in public. And my dream self is certainly very well rounded. And growing ever bigger. I can actually see my fingers getting fatter with every bite I swallow! Damn I'm hungry again already is it lunchtime yet?

I sit down for brunch at the nice little restaurant across the street from the beach. It's my new favourite place. I've been pigging out here for the last few weeks. Their cuisine is rather amazing! Yesterday I noticed a lot of people were eating here still wearing their bathing suits so no need to go home and change. I feel okay wearing my one piece and little shorts to cover my fat thighs. I think my curves look okay. I'm plump but not fat, right? However when I sit down I cringe, realising my love handles have bulged out a lot more than I expected them to, becoming outlined clearly by the blue clingy material. My thighs look a lot fatter when I'm sitting too. They spread out covering the entire base of the chair. I'm thankful I chose to wear a little top to cover my fat arms and shoulders, and at least with my shorts over the top of my swimsuit my thighs aren't completely exposed. The way they bulge out of the bottom makes me a little self-conscious though. I can feel a tingle between them as I think this. My face becomes flushed.

A waitress approaches my table. She's staring at me. Her eyes scan me up and down like she's checking me out. I die inside of embarrassment. I recognise her from a couple of my previous visits, she's very attractive, around my age or maybe a year or two older. God she must think I'm a greedy pig. I'm suddenly glad she's on shift and serving me as I recall that last time she gave me extra sides with my orders for free, all double servings too, so if she has a problem with my figure then she can go blame herself! I scan the menu licking my lips as I realise it's not quite eleven AM yet so the breakfast menu is still on offer. I salivate over the pretty pictures of waffles and sweet rolls. As I read the menu, out of the corner of my eye I notice the waitress sneakily glancing at my soft love handles. It's making me rethink my selection. Maybe I should get something with a few less calories. When I look up again I catch her looking directly at my fat. She's smiling. Her eyes almost twinkle as they're glued to my midsection for at least an entire second. I look down and realise she's checking out my navel. It looks so deep and dark under my skin-tight bathing suit. I blush burying my head in the menu, embarrassed. She must think I'm a gigantic fat hog, especially after all the food she served me yesterday. I'm definitely just getting a salad.

But before I can place my order she smiles warmly tells me I look gorgeous in my bathers. Now I think about it she told me she loved what I was wearing last time as well. She tells me she wishes she had the curves to pull off wearing a one piece like that. I can't help but imagine that she'd look quite stunning in just about any swimwear. Her uniform hugs her thin well-toned body very closely. I'm still blushing so I tell her she looks good in her uniform, hoping to get the conversation away from my body. She thanks me for the compliment and says I'm her new favourite customer. Touching me gently on the shoulder she asks if I'd like to try their all you can eat special, 50% off for her new favourite customer. I search for it on the menu, hesitating as I nervously glance at the salad selections hoping to see something that steers me in a more sensible direction, but she leans in and whispers that it's not on the menu. If I get the special I can order whatever I want, and with the discount it's cheaper anyway. She flashes me another warm smile with a wink.

Just keep ordering whatever I want off the menu until I'm full? Sure thing. I start with pancakes. One little flattering glance was all it took to break my resolve? I can't help but grin even though I know I'm in trouble.

The pancakes were warm and delicious and I followed them up with a sweet roll and some other breakfast goodies. The sweet roll was hot, sweet and delicious. The frosting was so sugary it made my teeth ache a little but it was so good! So flaky and buttery. Before I even realized it, I'd eaten the whole thing, followed by a piece of toast, three sausage links, and half an omelette. I felt myself leaning back and bringing the forkfuls of food over my stuffed belly. I may just be as fat as a house by the end of the summer. This food is so delicious, tempting, fattening. Before long everything is gone. And I feel so HUGE. How could I have eaten so much? I'd almost forgotten this was actually my second breakfast. All promises of dieting are off. I can't control myself with such good food. The waitress carries away the plates. I look down at my distended belly.

I had better get myself under control or my friends won't even recognize me when classes start up again. I start to heave myself up, the waitress puts her hand on my shoulder pushing me gently back down whilst she places a large plate containing a cheeseburger and fries on the table.

She made this especially for me? She says she really hopes I'm not too full from breakfast to enjoy it. She reminds me that the all you can eat special is good for an entire day as long as I keep eating. It's nearly time for lunch after all, and the dessert menu would be available very soon.

I already knew from yesterday there are some things on that dessert menu that are to die for! I couldn't help but feel excited.

The waitress smiled and walked away with a little wiggle in her step. I inhale the burger's salty aroma, there's bacon in it somewhere, my mouth is watering. It would makes sense to get all my meals for the day out of the way right now, wouldn't it? Since it's all practically free. It was a valid reason, sort of.

I feel fatter already...
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