jess grows

chapter 1

Jess got off talking to Steve for the night. She laughed to herself a little about the things he kept saying. “Imagine jumping up and down, thinking about how much you’d jiggle!”. She sat and rolled her eyes. “I kept telling him I’m not that big!” She laughed. While that was true for the most part. Jess a short but roundish thicc girl, about 5’1 and 185 lbs wasn’t huge but she wasn’t exactly small either. She got up to go get ready for bed that night. Took a shower and brushed her teeth. While she was changing in the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked at her large tummy, and then turned to gaze and her soft juicy ass. “I mean maybe he does have a point there” she smiled to herself. She shifted her weight back and forth a little, and watched in the mirror as her tummy responded, bouncing slightly as she shifted. “Hmm…” she said, as she began to shift faster, throwing in a jump every now and then, getting slightly more intense watching as her tummy bounced, her soft boobs, and ass jiggled in the mirror. She stopped after a few seconds and felt slightly embarrassed. “What was I doing?!’ she nervously laughed. But she couldn’t ignore the burning intensity she now felt between her legs… she nervously reached down and felt herself letting out a small gasp, of both pleasure and surprise as she made contact with the wet and sensitive area. “Could that really be turning me on?1” she said softly. She looked sheepishly back at herself in the mirror and slowly felt her tummy in her hands and gently shook it, then quickly going back to softly jumping and shaking herself, occasionally stopping to massage herself each time growing more intense. “Yes!” she cried softly, “Ughhh i need to shake more!!” she moaned softly as her orgasm reached peak and finally finished in a crescendo of pleasure. Again as she lay down in bed that night feeling slightly awkward about what had just happened, she couldn’t help but think in the back of her mind, what it would feel like if she had even more around her to shake.

The next few weeks were quite wild for Jess. she tried to put that night out of her mind but it continuously crept back in, thinking about herself jiggling around more intensely, the thought would arouse her every time it crept in, and she couldn't help but found herself eating slightly more than she realized over the coming weeks. She saw Steve once in person over the next two weeks. They had a fun evening filled with intense sexual activity but she decided against telling him about her recent indulging thoughts. However over the coming weeks her urges finally gave in one night when she was again changing in the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror which she had mildly been trying to avoid but looked slightly taken aback. “Oh gosh!” she said surprised, as she began to feel a burning sensation building in her. “I think I’ve gained some weight” she said as she grabbed her belly. It was true the few weeks of slightly increased eating had indeed put on some weight, her stomach noticeably bigger, legs thiccer, ass fatter, as she walked over to the scale reluctantly. She looked down as saw it read 201 lbs. “I’ve gained over 15 lbs!” she exclaimed as she grabbed her belly and shook it without thinking, and then watched as her bigger belly flopped around gently dropping down with a small *slap*. She looked at herself in the mirror, her sensation burning incredibly strong, and without another hesitation began to pleasure herself, almost unconsciously getting incredibly aroused, almost more aroused than she had ever felt herself get before. Again jumping and shaking intensely, watching her enlarged figure slap and move and jiggle. Again building up to an intense finish, “Oh my god!” she screamed louder as she was home alone “I’ve gotten so big agh!” she cried out again. “I’m so fucking big!” she screamed in intense orgasm as she finished, body intensely jiggling around as she came down from her endeavor. And as she went to sleep that night in a feeling of bliss.

The next few weeks were filled with sexual bliss for Jess. She continuously went through her new method of pleasure almost every night, and felt increasingly content with each time she would go through with it. She also continued her new slight increased diet whether she realized or not, but the calories took effect as she continued to shape her larger body through pleasure each night. Steve was finally free on the same night she was a little over a month since the last time they had hung out, and they made plans to meet at his place when he had it to himself for the night. She got there initially wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of leggings that were seriously starting to get small on her. She could tell Steve glancing at her body almost every chance he did as he continuously glanced at her legs and midsection, which occasionally peaked out of her sweatshirt as they drove back to Steve's place, this drove her wild with intensity, as she smiled sinisterly every time he looked at her. After getting back to their place and talking for a while Steve leaned in to kiss her and began to move his hands over her body. Their exchange grew increasingly intense as hands exchanged on both sides. “I have a surprise for you” Jess smiled “oh yeah? what is it?” Steve asked. “I’ll show you” Jess smiled teasingly, taking his hand and leading him back to his bedroom. She undressed, displaying her noticeably larger tummy and breasts, as she stood there wearing her leggings and bra that were far too tight for her. “Oh my god!” Steve said as he immediately stood up and started kissing and feeling her body, “how did this happen?!” he asked in a coy tone. “I don’t know” jess replied playfully, “i guess it just did” Steve then took of his shirt and pants as jess removed her leggings, exposing her also much larger legs and jiggling fat ass as Steve stood there gawking in his underwear noticeably hard as a rock. “I need to do something” Steve said, quickly leaving the room and returning with his bathroom scale. “Ohhh i thought you’d be curious, Jess said sexily as she stepped onto the scale as she slowly ran her finger across his chest doing so. “What’s it say?” She asked in a voice almost making Steve melt with pleasure. “Oh my god!” he said “220lbs! You’ve put on 35lbs!” he said flabbergasted. “I guess i have” Jess again said sexily “what’re you going to do about it?” Steve didn’t need another invitation, he quickly took Jess and slammed her against the bed watching her body ripple as he did. He stripped off her remaining underwear and went down on her aggressively, as she cried out in pleasure. “Don’t you love how big I am” she said in a voice of pure pleasure. “Ruffle me!” she ordered and Steve began grabbing parts of her soft enlarged body. “Oh YES!” Jess screamed as her body jiggled as Steve pleasured her. Her bigger body vibrating and shaking all over. Steve pushed back her tummy as he went down on her, continuously coming down on the top of his head as he shook and pleasured her. Jess began to slide herself side to side, touching her own enlarged breasts, her entire body vibrating more and more as it never had before. As Steve felt her building to her finish aggressively kissed and sucked her clit she screamed out in pleasure as she finished, and immediately pulling Steve with her large but yet very strong frame, pulling Steve up on top of her large body kissing him, and then she lay with him on top of her panting, recovering from her intense finish. A few moments later she began feeling Steves rock hard in his pants as he slightly sighed in pleasure. She whispered in his ear “I want you to fuck me so hard, that you make my huge body vibrate and jiggle and shake harder than I ever have before”. Steve didn’t need another word. He stripped off his underwear and slammed himself into Jess both crying out in pleasure. “Fuck this big girl! *** fat stomach and thicc thighs!” Jess almost screamed at Steve. “You’re so fucking big” Steve replied back inbetween strokes as the two moved in perfect unison, Jess’ large frame slamming into Steves chisseled abs her ass shaking and bouncing hard all over the place. Her enlarged tits flopping and slapping as Steve pushed hard into her, slapping her body all over her soft and jiggling spots, ruffling her body, as she began to cry out again “harder!” she screamed. “HARDER! FUCK THIS FAT GIRL MAKE HER JIGGLE!” She screamed as the two built towards intense orgasm, finally Jess screamed in crescendo for a final time her body moving intensely, parts slapping all over the place, as Steve finished right behind her squirting aggressively into her large body. The two lay there exhausted once again, not even untangling themselves, and they fell asleep, Steve resting his tired body on top of Jess’s soft large frame


Let me know if people want me to do more, my first story just trying it out
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RFBurton 2 years
I hope you have more chapters coming...
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Fantastic! Keep it going
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more is required!