chapter 1

Jessica has always been a thin girl, not like really skinny but just average thin, she played sports since she was really young so she always managed to eat everything she wanted but stood thin for her teenage years. She is 19 years old, as I said; thin, nice butt and boobs, round but not too big. She was about 5 foot 4, with nice proportions. Her face was average, nice blue eyes and full lips.
This is her first year of college and like pretty much everyone, she started eating poorly as soon as the year started, partying to much, drinking on her daily bases and eating far food for almost every meal.
She shared her dorm with Lucy, a really beautiful girl, really thin, tall, nice hair, pretty face and nice boobs as well as butt.
By January Jessica started noticing how her body was changing due to her new way of eating. Her face was rounder and she started seeing a small pot belly as well as her butt looking fuller.
She decided to diet but only a few days later she was done, salads were not her favorite thing to eat and putting down sugary foods was the hardest for her. Time went on and weeks passed by, month did so and her weight was pilling on at a pretty fast rate. Jessica woke up ready to go to college when she tried to put on her favorite jeans just to find out that it didn't fit anymore, they could go passed the knees but not passed her thighs . This was a turning point for her, she looked down and saw how her belly looked bigger too, and when she turned she could admire how her back now had a layer of fat over it. Looking disgusted at her body she went straight to Lucy's room. "YOUR NEED TO TEACH ME HOW TO HAVE YOUR BODY" Jessica said.
Lucy looked at Jessica's growing body and smiled "what do you mean?" she asked.
"Like you are so thin, I don't understand how you stay thin while I gain weight like crazy"
"oh.. I see.. well okay, I will help you.." She said as she grabbed a box from one of her drawers. "Okay, look, my mom gives me this powder that I drink with my water in the morning and before going to bed and it technically absorbs the fat of the food you eat so you don't gain fat at all"
"What?! and you have never told me about this?!"
"Well I don't get much of it so it's not like I can just give people this so everybody will be happy... But I will ask my mom to send me more so you can have more"
" OMG thanks really! This is going to be magestic"
The following day Jessica woke up, put on a sun dress so didn't have to force herself into her other thigh clothes and went straight to make her breakfast drink. She mixed some powder with her water and drank it in like no time. Then headed out and went to McDonald's to have a quick breakfast; a couple of doughnuts and a oreo shake. After sitting in class for 4 hours, she was starving so she went to the cafeteria to have lunch and ordered 4 slices of cheese pizza with a large coke. Later she went home where she ordered some chinese food for dinner. She ate a lot, more than she usually eats, just because of the anxiety that the thoughts of losing weight had caused her. Of course she did not miss her powder water after dinner. Weeks went by and Jessica kept eating the same way but now taking her new supplement, her body had been changing but not the way she was expecting, her sun dress were now really tight and so short she felt embarrassed wearing them. Her body was growing so fast her belly was now big and round, she had grown love handles and and her tights now showed stretch marks as well as some cellulite.
"This shit is not working!!" Jessica yelled
"what?! it does work, you just have to trust the process. What did you expected? looking like me in a week? First your body will grow a little, but the more it grows in the beginning the smaller you will become later." Lucy said trying to calm down jessica
"For real?"
"Yeah, the weight you gain will all flush away in a month or maybe a little more and also the extra pounds that you had on before... Don't worry I went through the same"
Jessica was easy to convince so she didn't really think about it, she just thought about her face in Lucy's body. how well her new clothes will fit her and how much guys were going to like her.
She went out for dinner with Lucy to a place called "the pig buffet" that it's pretty close to were they live. Jessica was wearing a tight dress that looked way too small on her and her hair up, what made it easier to look at the new fat she was growing.
The started going for some food, Lucy picked some fatty food and then soup, while Jess on the other side picked two plates from the beginning; one full of oily pasta with lost of cheese and the other with fried chicken and sausages. They started eating and kept eating for almost 2 hours, Lucy was done after 20 minutes or so, but Jess kept feeling her plate with pizza, more pasta, lasagna, hamburgers, buttered bread and fried chicken all this while drinking soda like she had never tasted it before. When Lucy thought that Jess was done eating she stood up and went back to the buffet area, this time to grab her dessert, she put 5 pancakes on her plate and a waffle on top and then put whipped cream on top and lots of chocolate. She ate it all in like 5 minutes and then burp. Lucy was so shock, but she had enjoyed watching Jess eat so much, looking like a pig, covering her self on fatty foods and looking at her belly growing while eating. It was then, when Jess had finished when the most unexpected moment happened. Jess's dress ripped exposing her belly out and making a really loud noise that caught everybody's look. Her belly was so full it looked like a big ball of grease, and for the first time Lucy could see how her room mate had her belly covered with stretch marks from growing so rapidly. They both stood up and left as quick as they could to go back to her dorm while trying to cover her belly with a napkin for the restaurant.
"oh that was so embarrassing..." Jess said as her eyes started to water
"oh don't worry, don't feel bad, this will not happen to you ever again since this weight will all go away. So just enjoy food and you will anyway shock everybody when you loose all this" Lucy said while looking at jess's huge belly.
"you know.. you are right! I am going to have everybody speechless" Lucy said as she smiled
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