jordan fantasy

chapter 1

Jordan a 5'4 man in his early twenties weighing up to 340 pounds with pale skin blue eyes and short dirty blonde hair sighed as he gazed upon the picture of a man who was nothing but a huge blob of fat, his fat rolls covering every inch of his body encasing his fat sausage fingers and toes in rolls of shoulder and leg fat, his huge jiggly ass towering over him, his giant stomach gurgling and jiggling as it digest the huge meal that could feed three cities, his moobs huge and stretched out over his stomach, and finally his face his cheeks were filled with lard as they spilled over his face, his lips forming a permanent pucker laying on his cheeks just barely parted away to let out a moan of pleasure, his forehead sagging forward with layers of forehead fat, his nose barely visible from all the fat, and his eyes cartoonishly popped out of his sockets while being filled with lard like a balloon miraculously his vision isn't damaged as he gazed upon his lover who was laying on his fat cheeks as he place kisses on his fat cheek
'I wish I could be that fat and still grow infinite too without any heart or health problems' he thought. Just then a notification was brought up out of his thoughts as he saw someone with the username 'Sixpackfeeder25' sent him a message " huh that's strange" he said as he clicked on the notification and saw it was a message to him
'Dear Chubbyfeedee38,
Hi my name is Mike and I share your dreams of becoming nothing but a huge blob of fat helpless to the point that you can barely lift your lard filled lips, we should chat sometimes my lovely dough boy
Signed Sixpackfeeder25'
Jordan blushed after he read the letter so many thoughts were running all over his head but one stands out the most ' will my fantasy wish finally come true' he thought as he clicked on the link to Sixpackfeeder25 and followed him a few minutes later he received another notification saying that He was also followed by Sixpackfeeder25, he smiled and closed his laptop and went to bed dreaming about Mike fattening him up to the point he is too big for the universe.
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Extremegoals 1 year
Will you continue It?? Its amazing 😍🐷🤤
Bigirlover12 2 years
I just wanted to say I really enjoy this story, found it a couple of days and have been exited to see more parts added