josh and alex at university

chapter 1

Josh and Alex had been best friends for years. They had gone to middle school and high school together and had very similar interests. They had the same favorite classes, technical drawing and geometry and they were both fairly athletic, to the point of being skinny.

They both decided to apply to Architectural University, which was located two hundred miles away from their home town, but it was the only school they knew of that concentrated on their chosen major. Both of them were accepted. Josh decided to leave for school earlier than Alex. He wanted to get a head start on some of the core classes he needed. He was going to major in architectural engineering and a minor is structural engineering. Alex was going to major in just architecture, which didn't require nearly as many math classes and the engineering major.

Josh arrived on campus in early July. He moved into a dorm, but did not have a roommate for the summer as Alex would move in when he enrolled in the fall. Josh liked his room, dorm had the main cafeteria/buffet for the whole dorm complex with was very convenient. Josh ate his first meal the evening he arrived. The food was great and the policy was unlimited access and open twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Josh thought, "Wow this is great, I can come down here any time of day for a meal or just a snack."

Josh started his classes the next day. He was challenged, but not overwhelmed by the work. He studied and took advantage of the buffet arrangement. He did well in his classes, but he also put on some weight. He thought about working out, but the school did not have any gym or a fieldhouse anywhere near his side of campus.

Josh would get up, early around six o'clock. He would shower, dress and go down for breakfast. It was early so very few other students were there. He usually got a large plate of pancakes, sausage, eggs, pastry and sweetened juice. He ate until he was full, which is what he had done all the way through high school and never worried about his weight. After classes he would eat a large lunch, go to the library to study, sitting the whole time. Josh would eat a large heavy supper, getting full again. Study in his room or the library. He often went down to the cafeteria for snack and then to bed to repeat the cycle.

On Saturday, a few days before Alex was going to arrive Josh got up later than on class days. He showered and started to dress, that's when he noticed how tight his briefs were getting. He was actually having trouble pulling them up over his thighs. He had to "dance" a little to pull them up. He got them on and snapped the waist band around himself. He looked in the mirror and noticed his belly was sagging over the waist band. Since the dorm had semi-public restrooms, Josh looked around to see if anyone was noticing him struggling to get dressed. There were a couple of other guys, but they weren't watching him. He did notice they were both a lot heavier than he was; even now that he had gained weight.

Josh thought, "Umh, Alex is going to be surprised how fat I'm getting when he moves in next week." He patted his belly bulge and pulled on a t-shirt and went back to his room to finish dressing. His jeans felt tighter too. He thought, "Why do my clothes seem tighter all of a sudden?" He realized that his clothes had been getting tighter all along; he just was too busy to notice. Josh went down and ate his usual huge breakfast. He spent the day sitting on his butt in the library. He ate a big lunch and supper and of course a snack later in the evening. Josh had gained the freshman fifteen and then some.

Josh had been hanging out pretty much just eating, video games, some reading, but no exercise. His classes done until the next semester started after the students were back for fall. He waited for Alex's family to arrive.

Around two in the afternoon, Alex finally arrived. His family helped him and Josh unload. Alex's parents greeted Josh warmly as Alex's best friend. They noticed Josh's weight gain, but were too polite to mention it. Alex however was intrigued by his best friend's new weight. He couldn't keep his eyes off of Josh's bulging belly and bubble butt.

After Alex's parents left, Josh and Alex were hanging out in the room. Alex had to know what had happened to his once skinny friend. "Josh, uh, you have put on some weight." Josh laughed slapped his pot belly, "Yeah Alex I have. The food here is amazing, it's all you can eat all day and night. I really got in the habit of eating at least three large meals a day. I'm not getting any exercise either. The fieldhouse and gym are just too far away on the other side of campus." Alex asked, trying not to stare at his friend's belly, "Josh are you going to try to lose weight?" Josh absently patted his growing belly, now straining at the waist band of his jeans, "No, I don't feel like dieting or working out. I really don't mine the extra weight. Why do you ask? Are you bothered that I'm putting on weight?" Alex blushed, he didn't want this to become an issue, though he was getting turned on looking at Josh's growing belly and bubble butt. "No it doesn't bother me, if it doesn't bother you. Do you think I will gain weight too?" Josh laughed, "Well if you hang around me, you will probably gain weight too." Alex was getting really turned on now, he didn't really know how to handle this new feeling. He had always liked Josh, they were very close friends and had known each other since they were in kindergarten.

Josh laughed out loud. "What?" asked Alex. Josh said, "Wouldn't our families freak if we both got fat and went home at Thanksgiving all round with big pot bellies and fat rears." Alex almost lost it, but he replied, "I think that might be a good idea. I wouldn't mind putting on weight, and you seem happy with the weight you've gained, so why not. You can help me catch up to you and then we can see who gets the fattest before Thanksgiving!" Josh laughed again, "Alex that's a great idea! We can eat and eat, stuff ourselves at every meal it will be great!"

Josh said, "Let's go down to the cafeteria right now! All this talk of getting fat is making me hungry." The two went down to the dining area. Josh showed Alex where the most fattening foods were. They each got trays full of only the most fattening and rich foods and stuffed themselves.

They managed to stagger back to the room. Both were lying on their beds rubbing their bellies. Alex said, "Josh that was amazing! That's the most fun I've had eating ever!" "I know, I really enjoyed eating here this summer, that's why I got fat!"

The guys settled into a routine. Up early for a huge breakfast, off to class, back to the dorm for a huge fattening lunch, afternoon classes, snack, sit around studying , a huge dinner, lie around studying, another snack, study, then bed, repeat.
By the middle of October, Josh's belly was four inches bigger, now sagging over his jeans. His t-shirts riding up on the bulge, showing off his soft tummy fat, his fat, soft rear barely fit in his briefs, he had trouble getting his jeans on at all, most of them barely fit. Alex was ballooning! His belly stuck out from his chest several inches, he couldn't even wear any of his jeans, his belly was so big. His rear was so soft and round his briefs cut "panty lines" showing through his tight sweat pants.
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