journal of a feeder cont.

chapter 1

It’s been 3 months since the “band” broke up. Patrice went to stay with her parents for a while (with a uhaul), Kamari moved in with his partner, and I got my dream job in Martinique.

My horrible boss finally took a look at my sketches and said I could assist her on a project. We spent a month just making art and editing the spread. I was living! I had to organize my own living situation because they only housed the models, so I stayed off the resort and it was AMAZING. I met some folx who took me out whenever I was exhausted from the day. But the absolute best part was I got to keep some of the looks! That’s right! Hand tailored designs all pour moi.

In that month, I tried not to think about Patrice at all. It is easy when I was living my dream. By the plane ride home though, I was wishing I could rest my head on her chest and tell her all about it. Living alone was really rough at first. I would invite Kamari over sometimes and it is always fun to pig out on the couch with him while watching some nostalgia flic. But, whenever he would have to move the blankets to leave I’d be saddened. I know a lot of what I’m feeling though is the fact that I haven’t seen Patrice since I’ve been back. Everything was so awkward between us now. Even as we were all leaving, we barely had a moment alone. After the night in her room, we really didn’t talk much. She never ordered food with me when I got home and she never called me for random last minute events anymore. That’s how Kamari met his partner, they were in a play Patrice won two tickets for.

I noticed her wardrobe changed too. She bought a brand new closet to fit her new curves and honestly it stung she didn’t ask me to come. UM HELLO a real passion for fashion here (iykyk). That’s how I knew that if we were going to be good again, it was going to take some real work. Work that I honestly didn’t have time for right now. This promotion is taking everything out of me. I barely sleep and when I do I wake up with my bed side table a mess. I’ll close my eyes after ordering food so by the time it comes I’m half asleep eating it. It is really wearing me out. Luckily my birthday is coming up and I always schedule that week off as soon as I get a job. What better excuse to go see people then inviting them to a party. I hope this works, I want to wear one of the outfits I got from the shoot.
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