jumbo jenny

chapter 1 wishful thinking

"Oh, that double cheeseburger looks so good, but I can't. I can't blow my diet. I better just get a salad," I said.

"What diet!? You're thin as a rail, Jenny. Go ahead and order the damn burger," Tiffany said exasperatedly as she thumbed through the menu. No doubt she would get some high calorie, super fatty food. But, man I'm sure her meal would taste better than mine. "You need to learn how to live a little. I know I do."

"Yeah, but if I did that, I would get fat overnight. You know I'm fighting genetics. I love my parents, but I don't want to be as big as they are." My parents were wonderful people and very happy together, but they didn't care much about their weight. As a result they both weighed over 300 pounds.

"I'm not saying you have to, but try to indulge yourself every once in a while at least. Ever since I met you, you're always holding yourself back. Always making excuses about having to go to the gym, or eat food that you don't really want. You're young, have some fun."

Tiffany was right, but I just couldn't let go. I decided to go on this health crusade because I was picked on mercilessly in high school. I wasn't really all that fat, just a little chunky, but that didn't stop the popular kids from making pig sounds behind my back or making snide remarks to my face. What was the worst was their nickname for me, Jumbo Jenny. When I got to college I decided to exercise everyday and eat super healthy. Because of that decision, I often had to make excuses when my friends would want to hang out.

Tiffany, on the other hand, was the definition of impulsive. She did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, and that included eating whatever food she desired. She was a proud curvy girl and she always got attention from the guys. To hear about her sexual escapades made me blush every time. Meanwhile, I never felt courageous enough in the bedroom to do much past missionary position. I know my boyfriend Ted always felt satisfied after sex, but I couldn't shake this feeling that he wanted something a little kinkier. I wish I could just let go, be more impulsive, and enjoy life. With that thought, I felt something stir within me. I felt like I was on the verge of something big, but then again it could have been just some indigestion.

After lunch, I said goodbye to Tiffany and started towards the gym. Maybe a little exercise would take my mind off of these troubles. When I arrived at the gym however, I ran into a little trouble at the entrance.

"This your first time using the school's health center?" said Audrey, the health center receptionist. "You've got to fill out this form for newcomers."

I was shocked. "Audrey, I've been here a million times. Surely this is a mistake."

"I'm sorry, honey. You just got to fill out form and you can exercise as much as you want."

Frustrated, I filled out the form and headed for the girls locker room. I changed into my workout pants, put my sports bra on, and slipped my tank top over the top. My first stop was the treadmill.

As I started exercising, everything felt different. It was like my body wasn't used to this kind of activity. After only a mile of running, I was getting out of breath and was sweating like a pig. I pushed myself to continue, but as I kept running, I noticed a strange tingling in my breasts. Upon inspection, they looked swollen. Scratch that, they looked like they were growing. "This is impossible," I thought, but my little B cups were now solid Cs and they showed no sign of stopping. What was even stranger was that as my breasts grew, so too did my sports bra. By the time my boobs had swollen up to double D size, I knew I had to stop. They were bouncing around so much that I felt incredibly awkward.

I ran to the locker room, thinking that I must have been attracting attention, but no one seemed to notice. Thankfully, the locker room was vacant when I entered. I stripped my tank top off and took a look at myself in the mirror. Although this whole experience had been quite jarring, I had to admit, my tits looked amazing. I grabbed both and squeezed gently, feeling how soft and massive they felt under my fingers. Fondling my breasts was making me a little more than excited, so I decided that maybe it was time to head home and enjoy myself a little. I didn't typically masturbate in the middle of the day, but maybe I'd have to make an exception. "That doesn't sound like me," I thought, but I soon shrugged it off.

As I bent down to pick up my backpack, I felt the side of the gym locker brush my backside. That's odd, I felt like I had plenty of room to bend over, however I didn't account for one thing. My ass was now nearly twice the size that it had been just a few seconds ago.

"What the hell!?" I yelled out loud, instantly covering my mouth after I did it. "Jesus, I look like Kim Kardashian." My butt had never been that big. In fact, even when I was chunky in high school, my butt remained fairly small and flat. If I was going to be fat, why couldn't I have been fat in the right places? That didn't seem to be an issue now however; I was the very definition of an hour-glass figure. I wiggled my butt around while I examined, or admired it in the mirror. Now I was really getting turned on. What was happening to me?

I slipped into my jeans, which surprising fit amazingly well on my new extra large butt, and I hurried out to catch the bus right outside of the fitness center. As I reached into my bag to retrieve my bus pass, I felt the familiar shape and texture of a king size Reese's Peanut Butter cup package. "What is that doing in here?" I thought, but ignored it until I got to my seat. My ass filled the entirety of the seat giving me the most comfortable ride I had ever had.

I hadn't eaten candy since I was a senior in high school. I used to love it and Reese's were always my favorite. It was so difficult to resist every Halloween and Easter, but I had abstained for four years now. But now that I had one in my possession, I couldn't resist. I needed to taste the sweet combination of peanut butter and chocolate. I needed to feel the sensation of the milk chocolate melting in my mouth, segueing into the gritty and delicious peanut butter center. The taste was so orgasmic, that I couldn't help but close my eyes as I ate every last cup.

What I didn't realize at the time was that with each bite, my body continued to transform. My belly began to swell, becoming softer with each passing second. Fat rolls were forming and beginning to journey across my lap towards the seat in front of me. My ass, although already substantially grown, began to widen even more, slowly expanding into the adjacent seat. My thighs grew layer after layer of fat to the point that they were competing for space with one another. My breasts grew more voluptuous, expanding into cup sizes not found in your average department store. Even my face rounded out a little. By the end of my expansion, a small double chin had begun to take over my once slender neckline. Like before, my clothes grew with my expanding body, leaving me unaware of my radical transformation.
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FatFeedeeDem... 2 years
This was a great story. Very hot.
Maybemollies... 6 years
I'm not sure, to tell you the truth.
Add4444 6 years
This is a great story - who's the girl in the picture?
Maybemollies... 6 years
Well, what can I say. I love having as many fatties as possible.