june to january

chapter 1

Some of Doug Winter's friends had warned him of marrying such a huge behemoth of a woman back in June of 2019. Headstrong, independently wealthy and totally in lust with the extremely fat yet curvy January Summers, Doug could care less what his so called "friends" had to say. To him there was no one sexier than his 400lb, soft and beautiful bride to be. All he knew was that he loved her, loved being crushed under her massive weight when making love, and he even loved her cooking. Doug wasn't the type to pay attention to the will of the sheep, not when he was a lion, and definitely not when he was a wealthiest, most handsome, and fittest lion of all his acquaintances.

Being that virtually everyone in his presence somehow relied on him for either their livelihood or his political donations, all comments about the beautiful yet extremely fat January were kept private and never uttered in either Doug or January's presence. The closest anyone came to saying anything occurred at their wedding. That innocuous remark was dropped by Doug's best friend and best man Mark, when he commented that, "You'd better be careful Doug, I hear this one is a really good cook". It was off the cuff and Mark really didn't mean anything by it, but even that small remark caused every sycophant in attendance to pause, as January lifted an suspicious eyebrow.

A hushed silence, fell over the thousands in attendance as no one wanted to upset January and therefore by default, fall on the bad side of their golden goose. Mark especially could feel the tension. It was literally palpable. He could feel his balls shrinking up inside him as all eyes were uncomfortably focused on him.

January then donned a genuine smile that cut through the room's trepidation like a knife through butter, while taking a large forkful of wedding cake and scooping it sloppily in Doug's open mouth. She then threw her head back and laughed uproariously, to which everyone else then did the same.

"You caught me Mark. No one gets this big without being a big eater", said January, beginning her sentence lightly and finishing with a bit of sterness in her tone. And with that, Mark made a few more cursory comments and abruptly finished his toast.

When he was done, the sweat covered Mark put the mic back in its holder. After making his way back to his seat, he found three extremely large wedges of cake on a large serving plate before him. Looking up to the waiter, he said, "Excuse me, I think there must be some mistake. There's no way I can eat all of this", he said dismissively.

The waiter simply looked back at him with a devilish grin and replied, "There's been no mistake Misuer. These are from Mrs Winters, and she insists".
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Inthecourt 3 years
Interesting start... good to see you writing again!
Fatchance 3 years
Interesting start