just one change

chapter 1 - baby i want you fatter

Marissa was a lazy, bottom heavy pear with very fat and jiggly thighs that rubbed together. She had long black hair and fat hanging titties. Her bikini was about two sizes too small - from last year - as she squeezed into it. Her boyfriend Jake had been slowly feeding her up over winter and the gain was obvious - she was hauling more weight around for sure. Jake loved her softer body and his hands always found their was to her blubbery cellulite mottled ass cheeks.

They had sex often- with her on top cowgirl style riding his thick cock. He loved to come inside her and empty himself completely. One day after sex, as Marissa was putting on the tight bikini she asked him,

“Jake if you could change one thing about my body what would it be?..Make my thighs thinner?”

“Nope”, said Jake.

“Make my booty smaller?”


“Make my titties bigger?”


“Then what is it?”, Marissa pleaded.

Jake moved close to her and slid his hands into the tight bikini waistband and pulled it down under the belly fat roll she had been growing lately. Still sort of small to him but a definite roll of fatty goo.He lovingly caressed the fat and said.

“Baby I really would like you to have a big fat belly. I want you to grow this roll until it hangs over your beautiful kitty. I’d like you to have a double belly, of soft fat obese blubber hanging off your waistline- I want you to outgrow everything, blow up in size, and be my fat jelly belly sow.”

Marissa was a bit shocked. “You want me to get fat?”

“Yes Marissa, not just fat, I want you to be a huge, waddling, big girl, with a soft hanging gut full of calorie goo, out of shape and out of breath. Your belly fat swaying and slapping as you waddle. On your back or on top of me taking my cock every day. My big girl. And eventually I want to fill up your huge gut with babies.”

Marissa gave him a devious smile and said, “Put a ring on this finger and I’ll eat myself huge!”

Off to the jewelry store and ice cream parlor they went. Marissa in the bikini showing her bulging hips, thighs and ass perfectly. She selected a huge diamond and said to Jake, “My belly is going to be as huge as this ring.” Jake smiled.

She ordered a huge banana split at the beach ice cream parlor. The fat woman behind the counter said, “Oh my, you are going to lose your girlish figure if you eat all that my dear.”

“Marissa is fattening up for me, we want her to be big and blubbery,” Jake said. Marissa shoved ice cream in her mouth.

“We’ll then you’ve come to the right place,” said the porcine woman, grinning and lifting her shirt to give Jake a little flash of her own soft, dimpled belly fat roll. She winked at him and squeezed the gooey mass.
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Azerty 1 year
Yes, very good story as always. Thank you.
"Jake could not wait to see how big she was going to get". He's not the only one who couldn't wait.
Jdm 1 year
Awesome story like always! Keep em coming!