just the drippings

Chapter 1 - monologue

(See Desmond's series: Cassie and the Cartel & Willing Prey for an introduction to this character)

Fuzzy noises and blurry images around the head of a captive restricted to a bed as a female voice came into focus. There was a beep, a hiss and a draw of liquid, as well as a snap of surgical gloves being removed.

"...you know, while I enjoyed the cartel's meetings, the plump dinners and the fatlings... I feel like there could have been more... for lack of a better term." Catherine began. Her words echoing off the walls in the sound proofed shipping crate where her latest plaything lay. There was the sound of metal hitting metal as if someone had dropped their keys into a bucket.

"Oh don't get me wrong. The meat, while personally well prepared, just never seems to have the right texture. It's just not fatty enough. If it were up to me, I'd prepare mine like veal. Unable to move and swaddled in so much fat that when roasted... It practically melts in the mouth." A dull hum could be made out and there was a feeling of fullness slowly creeping in. "And the amount? Just not enough, by the time it's ready for slaughter all the muscle has practically atrophied, not to mention females don't have much to begin with. No, that's why I have you my pet. You see you are going to grow for me." The fullness began to ebb into a constant pain.

She traced her finely manicured nail across the lean stomach of her latest prey. Now swolen and tight, there was another beep and the sound of liquid being slurped though a straw echoed. "Don't worry, thats just protien, my little piggy, there to make sure you're nice and meaty, with a tight balloon in your belly to make sure you can truly get up to capacity."

The selection was kept drowsy on a modified version of Desmond's sleeping drug. Lighter so not to fully knock out her section, but just enough to dull the senses.

"See, unlike the well fed, free ranges the others contribute. You're going to be industrial produced. Mass swollen and heavily monitored to peak perfection." her hands reached over to a dial and immediately the subject began shivering.

"Oh, you feel that?" She teased with mock surprise. "Those are small tens units making sure your muscles are nice and tender. And this..." She tapped what looked like clear tubing filled with an assortment of yellow and orange liquids. "Is insulin mixed with the trimmings I've made off from the cutting floor. Enhanced with flavoring of course."

She grinned, leaning and licking her subjects ear. "Can't you feel them swirling into you? Plumping you up directly? All of that delicious juicy fat, coursing through your veins to make you into the perfect, swolen, hog?"

A deep turned on moan escaped from her lean drugged up piglet, the chains rattling from where they were tied up. Gently she placed a set of earphones onto her captive's head and put a blindfold over their tired eyes as she teased. "That's right, get fatter piggy. I can't wait to see how delicious you'll be when I'm done with you"
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WayTooThin 5 years
Please continue
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
I don't know how you manage to push all my naughty buttons, but you do. You are very good at this, packing a lot of eroticism into just a few paragraphs. Thank you.