kate and jenny

Chapter 1 - 1 - kate

I was woken up by a pesky ray of sunlight that somehow got through the blinds and unmistakably fell upon my face. I wasn't too willing to leave the comfortable embrace of my soft bed, but after rolling about for a while I knew, I wasn't going to fall asleep again. Yawning and stretching my stiff back, I made my way into bathroom. 'Nice lengthy shower is exactly what I need right now.' I thought before I stepped into the shower. I let the pleasant stream of warm water wash away the morning stiffness from my body.

I reached for a towel and started to rub dry my hourglass shaped body that made people turn their heads. When my body was dry I took another towel and wrapped it around my long, auburn red hair. I was proud of my hair. The voluminous red waves that I grew for as long as I could remember by now reached down to my elbows.
I started to put on my underwear, which turned out to be a bit of a struggle. Lately I've had a little growth spurt that made my D cup bra way too small for my liking. My breasts spilled over the confinement of its cups like rising dough out of a bowl. 'I seriously need to get some larger bras.' I tried to adjust the cups to fit a bit better, but it simply couldn't be done. A weird thought sparkled through my mind. 'There is something extremely satisfying about outgrowing a bra.'

While brushing my teeth I looked in the mirror. Radiant sapphire blue eyes that dominated my rather gorgeous face, stared back at me. My face seemed to possess plenty of features generally considered as attractive. It was symmetric, with high cheekbones, with cute slightly freckled nose and full sensual lips. Oh, how I hated it some days. Today fortunately wasn't one of those days and for once I felt comfortable in my own skin.

Without paying much attention to my surroundings I walked back into my room and opened closet to find some clothes I could wear.
"Hey, sis." I was startled by the sudden sound behind me. I turned around and found my younger sister Jenny sitting on my bed.
"Oh, hi Jenny. Haven't seen you there. What's up? Do you need something?" I asked.
"Well, I do actually. My ever growing ass decided to get even bigger and even my sweats are extremely tight now and I was wondering if you had anything I could wear." Jenny said before she carefully stood up.
My eyes fell upon Jenny's lower body. She wasn't exaggerating when it came to the tightness of her clothes. Her pants looked ready to burst! 'How did she even managed to put it on?!' The sweats looked like they were painted on her lower body and it wouldn't have been surprising at all if the seams would start to give up at any moment.
"I'm afraid the size of your posterior surpassed the size of my own quite some time ago." I chuckled a little. "I guess everybody can't have a body that knows when to stop growing to stay nice and proportional."
Jenny poked the flash of my breast. "It seems like your tits didn't get the memo!" Jenny exclaimed dramatically and we both burst into laughter.
For me Jenny was more than just my little sister, she was also my closest friend. I know it must sound a bit sad, but I've never been too comfortable around other people and so I wasn't really great at making friends. She was the only person that could make me smile even when I felt like the whole world is falling on me. It was really difficult to feel bad when she turned that pretty face of hers to you with those big vibrant brown eyes smiling from ear to ear.

"I'd say they're still pretty proportional." I said when the laughter died out.
"Are you sure about that? What are your measurements?" Jenny asked with a gleam in her eyes.
"Huh? My measurements? I don't know. I never really cared to be honest."
"I've always found it to be quite fascinating." Jenny said blushing slightly.
"Really?" I was a bit surprised. "Well, I should have a tape measure somewhere in here so let's find out."
After a couple of minutes I managed to pull out a tape measure from the bottom of my closet and we could start. Jenny's eyes sparkled with enthusiasm when she got hold of the tape, eager to find out. Before we began measuring, I took off the towel from my head, releasing the cascade of long reddish hair into the world.
"So, where do we start?" I asked my impatiently waiting sister.
"Lean your back against the wall, so I can measure your height."
"I'm 5'10''." I said, but I still obediently did as I was told.
"You are indeed 5'10''." Jenny announced, confirming what I already knew. When I stepped away from the wall, Jenny quickly wrapped the tape around my chest, then around my slightly toned stomach and finally around my hips.
"Your measurements are 38 inches around your breasts, 25 inches around your stomach and 35 inches around your hips. Now step on the scale."
"That's still pretty proportional, isn't it?" I told her as I was stepping onto the scale. Numbers appeared on the display. '129 pounds... That's quite low for my height, isn't it?' I stepped off the scale. "Your turn, sis."
Jenny gave me the tape and assumed her place by the wall. I smiled to myself when I noticed that the only part of her body touching the wall was her protruding backside.
"You are 5'5'', shorty." I said with smile and patted the top of her head. Jenny stuck out her tongue before taking down her t-shirt, so I could take her measurements. "31 inches around your chest, 26 around your waist and whopping 39 inches around your fat ass, sis. You should really lay off the sweets, otherwise you might get stuck in a door frame pretty soon." I teased her a little. "Now hop on the scale." Once again the digital numbers appeared on the display, this time saying 124 pounds.
Jenny stepped off the scale with a sad sigh. "Why can't I have boobs like you do, Kate?"
"Maybe you will, you still have time. You don't need them anyway." With a giggle I slapped her across her meaty buttocks. "I'm sure there are plenty of girls wishing to have butt like yours. Now get your silly ass out of here so I can put on some clothes!"
"I'd still like to be at least a B cup..." Jenny said dreamily.

When Jenny left my room I could finally dress. Today I decided to wear a white low cut tank top that accentuated my ample bosom and short denim shorts, showing off a good portion of my long shapely legs and my silky thighs. Fully clothed I headed downstairs and into the kitchen. Our family was pretty wealthy and it showed on the size of our house. It was almost a mansion really and now it felt even larger, because Jenny and I were on our own. It was the very beginning of summer holidays and our parents were on a vacation abroad. I have just graduated from high school and the only thing I wanted to do was to enjoy the free time, because I doubted I'll be able to do whatever I want once the college starts.

I started to prepare pancakes for breakfast. Lost in my thoughts, I didn't really pay much attention to what I was doing. It came as a surprise when I realized that I accidently made enough pancakes for my whole family, even though my parents weren't home. I put the pancakes on a large plate and placed it upon the table. Just as I did so a loud sound made me turn around. Jenny in her laughably insufficient sweats that were screaming for help, walked into the kitchen with her hand on her midsection. 'Was that her stomach?!'
"Oh god, I'm starving." Jenny stated while sitting down at the table. Without hesitation she started to stack pancakes onto her plate. A lot of them. I could only stare in disbelief when she started to pour tremendous amount of syrup on her tower of pancakes.
"I've been thinking," I said to my loudly eating sibling, "that we could go pick up some clothes later today. What do you think?" Jenny could only nod vigorously to show her approval, because her mouth was far too occupied by chewing.
I finished my portion of pancakes and headed back to my room, fully intending to spend some time on my computer.
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Karenjenk 2 years
I love this a lot.
glad to see you came back to it
and i really like the BE in chapt 80
Fatowl 2 years
Great Story! I look forward to the next chapter!
Fittofatguy 2 years
I love your story and I'm so happy you're back, I waited so long to see the continuation of this story
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A very, very well written story.
333Blebleble333 5 years
I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far. I'm definitely going to continue the story, soon hopefully, but I can't promise that.
333Blebleble333 6 years
Great to hear that!
333Blebleble333 6 years
Yes, I will. It takes time, though...
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Great addition as always!
333Blebleble333 6 years
Yeah, I will. I just can't really say when there will be more to share.
333Blebleble333 6 years
Unfortunately this is all I wrote so far...
333Blebleble333 6 years
Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the comments
Wadegain 6 years
One of the few stories I just had to like!
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Thanks... There'll be more to come in the next few days.
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I'm glad you enjoy the story so far.