katie and allyssa

Chapter 1 - episode 1 side a: supersize the girls part 1 of side a

Allyssa cuts the grass as Katie hold the rope
Allyssa: honestly I cannot wait until we are famous
Katie: famous metal Stars we get to have cold beer all night long
Allyssa: and we will have all the men with us
Katie: you know my aunt happens to be your mama
Allyssa: are you helping me with the yard work or are you going to be holding that rope?
Katie: if I let go of the rope but I'm holding will fall on your head
Allyssa: let go of the rope then!
Katie let's go of the rope and something Falls on Allyssa's head
Katie: Allyssa, you *** you always fall for that same stunt
Allyssa: I feel piano keys hurting my ass
Ramsey: hey what are you two girls doing?
Allyssa: are you?
Ramsey: Gordon Ramsay
Katie: Gordon Ramsay you look fine as hell
Ramsey: thank you so much
Katie: can I ask you a question or 2
Ramsey: yes, Michelle won season 17
Katie: not that, the first question is who is dinning in your restaurant, tonight?
Ramsey: Morgan Spurlock
Katie: next question, can you spare us some cold ones?
Ramsey: I hired both of you female idiots to do some yard work before season 21 of Hell's kitchen get started, not for your up noxious shenanigans. Stay out of the bedrooms of the dorms, the film crew just them clean.
Katie: the Morgan Spurlock? I heard of that guy he was the one where he ate at the McDonald's for like 30 days, and he lost all that weight 14 months later from his experiment.
Allyssa: count me out
Katie: I'm actually two months older than you
Allyssa: if you win, I'll follow along on your stupid scheme to beat his record.
Katie: if you win, we will have to write hours plans on becoming heavy metal rock stars
Allyssa: I see a cute little chipmunk made a lot of fur on its throat, more harrier then your brother
Katie: Allyssa, are you being a *** right now? My brother happens to be your cousin and that chipmunk is cute
Allyssa: who could rip off a horrible pop song?
Katie: I could do it better than you
Allyssa: go ahead
Song moment:
Katie: This woman's getting freaky and it's getting hot as hell in a summer weather and it's like a rocketship party to the moon can you ask me if there's a baby in a garbage can I can say that's irresponsible getting me rattled so I can explode in a Michael Bay
Allyssa: Rub it, rub it in so I can turn you on take my 40 and drive me home
Not a song moment:
Katie: worst song ever
Allyssa: you're right
Katie: it would judges music videos better?
Allyssa: if I get beaten up in that challenge you would win
Katie: deal
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