katie and kristy

Chapter 1

hey guys, its me katie. i figured id give you guys an update on how things have been going. so first off, kristy and i are together with occasional drop ins from the girls(you remember jesse, nika, and chloe right hehe). with that said i will continue the story from where we left off last time.

now were where we... oh ya thats right. kristy left off at the part were i had just finnished blubbing up. ok so after that, shit got crazy. you see, at the time i hadnt noticed kristy just sitting there on the bench, eating her lunch and all the while just staring at me and the girls... well, mostly me (i mean its me hehe). so anyway, there i am in all my blubbery glory and kristy is just staring at me. now by this point im just wobbling and jiggling all over the place, and the other girls have either left or started to go into catotonic states of hornyness from the sight of my big fat body.

kristy just stares at me for a few minits, looking at my belly and thighs and boobs, then she looks right into my eyes and says to me" do you want to go get something to eat?" and i just start to laugh as loud and hard as my fat body can. so i start to regain control over my body and i shrink down to a decent size... i think it was between 250-350lbs, and she brings her truck around to the collage pick up spot. i get in and she hands me 5 boxes of twinkies and tells me to munch while we drive and tell her about myself. so i do as she asks and we drive for what seems like hours, talking and laughing and just sharing stories and other shit. by the time we get to the place shes taking me to, iv polished off 15 boxes of hostess treats, 4 leters of soda and 3 large milkshakes.

now rememebr what i told you last time about my condition? well things, once again are about to get realy interesting. now mind you, by now iv told kristy all about my condition and all my fat fantasies and what im studying in collage, and all the while i dont notice two things. 1. kristy, during all of this, had been getting turned on and was so wet that there was a puddle in her seat and it was dripping onto the floor of her car. and 2. i had taken in about 300,000 calories and was about to take in a whole lot more.

now with that said let me explain something about my condition to you guys. i told you already that all my calories are turned right into fat the moment they enter my bloodstream. what i dont think i told you was that, due to my pre-existing genetic codeing, the number of calories that a normal person needs to form a lb of weight is cut down to a quarter in me. so if you do the math, that means that for every lb of weight i take in, i gain 4 lbs of fat. or even simpler... 3000 calories equals a lb. multiply that times 100 and you get the amount of calories that i just took in. now take that amount and quadruple it and you find that im about to gain 1200lbs of pure fat.

now im gonna go and get a drink and il continue in a bit

to be continued....
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