katies gain

chapter 1

I woke late for work, my boyfriend must have already left for work. As I tried to pull my blouse on I noticed that it was very tight around my waist and my boobs, at first I kinda liked what I saw until I worried what Matt my boyfriend would think. At work I was sitting bored out of my mind, so I decided to head down stairs to the cafeteria and grab something to eat, I headed back to my desk with with half a cake and started to stuff my face with it. As I headed home I noticed my blouse was riding up my belly but I didn't mind. When I got home Matt was already home and he seemed strangly interested in my belly, he said he'll go grab me something to eat but I didn't mind I was starving, as I went to go slip into something more comfortable I saw him in the kitchen putting weight gain powder in my hot chocolate. I was shocked was he trying to get me fat?? No wonder I was putting on so much weight, I ran in the bathroom and jumped on to the scales... 220 pounds I had put on 60lbs in the last 5 months. I needed to get back at him, the only way I was going to get fat is if we both got fat. Over the next 3 months I started adding weight gain powder to all his food he would have gained at least 40 pounds, when I got back from McDonalds he was sitting on the sofa eating Doritos once we finished our 3 burgers each I told him that he was become a bit of a fatty, he replied I guess but look at you Katie, your a big fat pig, I looked down at my belly and was amazed. I was huge, I was so busy making Matt fat I stopped watching my weight. We both headed into the bathroom and he stood on the scales 240 pounds. I laughed and said woah you got fat, even though his big belly was turning me on. I got on the scales and they turn all the way up to 380, he burst out laughing saying woah piggy while he put his hands on my big ass and rubbed his dick on my belly at least that's what it felt like as I couldn't see past my big g sized boobs. He told me that he thought I should get bigger, only if we both get fatter I said. 1 year latter I was pushing 450 and Matt was sitting above 350
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