ken�s forgetfulness

chapter 1

Ken could not have been happier. He had a beautiful wife, he had a beautiful house, he didn't have to worry about money. His office job could have been more interesting, but it was a small price to pay for the living standard he was used to.
Outside of work, he liked to be active, as did his wife. He trained at the gym and went swimming alone, but he often went away for the weekend with his wife to go hiking, climbing or abseiling.
His parents lived nearby, but lived alone since his brother had moved to Australia. He hoped that some day he could go and visit him there, but the thought of travelling for so long to get there put him off.
Ken considered his father to be happy as well. He was nearing retirement, had no money worries and was very much in love.
But then Marie, his wife became ill. He spent fourteen months looking after her, taking her backwards and forwards to the hospital. Ken helped when he could, making sure his parents had plenty shopping in when Henry did not want to leave his beloved wife alone and she was too tired to walk around the supermarket. He helped with their housework when Marie was too frail to get out of bed and Henry could not leave her bedside.
Of course, helping out so much had caused an impact on his own home life. Weekends away were curtailed, gym sessions were cancelled. His wife claimed she understood, but ken knew she was growing impatient with him.

Then Marie had died.

Both Ken and Henry were completely bereft. Henry did not know what to do with himself. It was as if he was going around in a daze. A robot doing all the necessary things, but feeling incredibly alone.
Ken fell into a dark depression that his wife did not understand. His marriage became a series of arguments, until she threw him out.
Ken stayed with friends until he felt like he had outstayed his welcome. He was still hoping for a reconciliation. Then he received his divorce papers. It looked like he needed a more permanent solution to his accommodation problem. What would be better than moving back home? He would have somewhere to live and he could help his father with his loneliness. They could both help each other overcome their grief! It was an ideal solution!
They day Ken moved back home, he detected something was not quite right. Marie had hardly been dead for six months and Henry had found himself a girlfreind. He could hardly believe it when his father told him how much he was in love. He believed it even less when he met her...
Diane was slim, with an athletic figure and absolutely beautiful. She was much too young for Henry. In fact, she was even younger than Ken was!
She was glamorous and fashionable with expensive tastes. He had to be suspicious of her motives. She was a woman of independent means. She, apparently, ran several businesses. Yet, she never appeared to do any work.
Nevertheless, he had to respect his father's decisions. He appeared to be happier than he had been for years!
It was barely a year since Marie died when Diane moved into the family home.
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