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Homer Simpson was tired of going to work every day. He hated the long commute, the tedious office meetings, and the endless paperwork. He just wanted to stay home and spend more time with his family. Being a food lover, he enjoyed trying new restaurants, ordering in, and indulging in snacks while lounging on the couch.

One day, while he complained about his job to his wife Marge, she suggested he ask his boss if there was any way to move his job home.
The problem was that Homer knew he wasn't important enough in the nuclear plant to be allowed to work from home. But then, he had a brilliant idea: what if he gained enough weight to become disabled and unable to work in the office? Then, he could ask Mr. Burns to let him work from home.
Homer saw this as an opportunity to spend more time with his family and be more comfortable while working.

Marge had always been supportive of her already pudgy husband, so when Homer expressed a desire to work from home and spend more time with her and the kids, Marge knew that she had to do everything in her power to make it happen. Marge had always loved her husband, Homer, no matter what size he was; a size that had ballooned to his currently 300 pounds but she liked it a lot. "How would he look if he was 500 lbs?"- She wondered...

As Homer lay on the couch, watching TV and eating a huge slice of greasy cheese pizza, Marge couldn't help but admire him. She loved the way his belly spilled over his waistband and the way his thick arms and legs looked like they could crush anything in their path. She has always been into chubby men her whole life. Over the years, Homer's weight had fluctuated up and down, but Marge had always accepted him no matter what. She had never once made him feel ashamed of his size, and she had always encouraged him to be his best self.
Despite the occasional teasing from their friends and family, Marge saw a man who was confident in his own skin, unafraid to be himself and indulge in what he loved. She saw a man who was willing to be vulnerable and open with her, no matter his size. As she sat down next to him, Marge placed a gentle hand on his belly and smiled. "You know, Homer, I think you're gonna look amazing and sexy with some extra pounds, right?" she said.

Homer's eyes lit up with appreciation and love for his wife. "Thanks, Marge. You always know how to make me feel good. It's gonna be a dream come true, honey. I can -- nay I must -- eat everything I've always wanted. Now come on, every second I'm out of bed I'm burning precious calories. Now get grabbing!" he said, happily. Marge leaned in and kissed him, feeling his bloated body pressed against hers. She knew that their love was more than just physical, but that it included an acceptance and admiration for all aspects of each other.
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Excited to see where this goes!
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good story¡¡ looking forward for wen chapters smiley