Chapter 1 - kirsty

I first met Kirsty at work,we both hit it off from the start,she was beautifully plump and at 5ft 3" in height she carried her weight perfectly,a lovely small starting of a double chin,glasses,dark hair,a slight waddle as she walked and possibly the biggest pair of breasts I had ever seen-we,re talking this woman had not seen her feet since she was in her early teens-they were enourmous,it was such a turn on to watch her struggle to put her arms anywhere but over her mammoth bustline as she sat chatting,there was no place else she could place her arms as these pendulous monsters just kept getting in the way.I effectively spent most of my time trying to hide my huge hard on.As we worked in a sweet factory it was so sensual to see her on the other side of the production line to me,as layers of chocolate passed us for the wrapping department it was such a joy watching her nibble constantly on the bars of chocolate that passed us for inspection."God-Im going to get so fat if I keep eating like this"she would laugh."Would that be such a terrible thing?"I would reply-my cock rock hard at the thought of watching her ballloon up."Would you like to watch me balloon up in size?"she would tease me with-her eyes gazing at her enourmous chest"if these things get any bigger Im not going to be able to find a bra to fit me-is that what you want"?And I dont know why but I spluttered out "what size are you"?Kirsty smiled-like she knew she had caught me."58kk-but if I keep eating like this they are definetly going to get a hell of a lot bigger"she laughed.My cock was rock solid and I now know that Kirsty knew this-I was going to marry this woman.Within 2 months Kirsty and I got married.Sex was incredible,the first night of our wedding it was the most erotic thing I have ever experienced,peeling off her huge bra and witnessing her gigantic breasts flop down over her plump belly,my cock knew-Im home.But the best was yet to come.As the weeks went into months of our marriage,still both working and enjoying our jobs in the chocolate factory kirsty said she wanted to take me for a "special"meal."I have something I want to talk to you about".I had noticed that she was putting on weight,but put it down to getting married-you know,as soon as the ring goes on the finger-they balloon up!!.Anyway we went for our meal and we were chatting regular stuff,work etc when Kirsty just came out with "I want to get really,really fat"there was a pause"does this disgust you"?she asked."Honey-I love you"I replied-"why would it disgust me"?-"Tell me about it"-I was curios."When my breasts started to balloon in my early teens I was so turned on by watching myself get bigger and bigger,by the time I was 16yrs old my breasts were hanging down to my knees,I was so turned on-I wanted to keep growing but it was,nt till I watched the film Willy Wonka,the part where Violet Beauregarde blows up like a ballloon{a blueberry}It made me so wet,I know you must think this is disgusting and weird but it,s the real me"I took a sip of my drink and smiled at my beautiful wife."I love you and always will".We have been married for just over7yrs now and Im pleased to say kirsty has ballooned to over 500lbs and we have both enjoyed the most erotic experience ever-and she still wants to grow.PS-her breasts now at her ankles and believe it or not-I make her bras:}
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Karenjenk 2 years
I really like this
Could you put in some paragraphs to make it easier to read.
Theswordsman 2 years
Good story