lars vs. the bakery

chapter 1

It was 9:58 Lars was with the rest of the customers as everyone starts to leave the bakery. “Just a minute left then I’ll be able to go home and rest for the week”. The bakery was gonna be closed for the week due to holiday’s.

Lars takes off his apron as he noticed he belly grumbled.

He looks at the treats and snaps out of it. “I know belly but I’m trying to lay off the sweets”. He pats his tummy as he tries to finish cleaning up the kitchen.

A little time flys by as he finishes and grabs his bags and about to head out to get home in time. As he is about to leave his belly grumbles and churns again as he groans.

“Ughhh fine…maybe one thing wouldn’t hurt.” Boy was he wrong. He looks at all the treats and pastry’s and looks at a big slice of cake. “Ugh I’m gonna regret this later”. He grabs it and starts eating it, as he is Lars takes a few bites as he finishes eating it all.

“Jeez happy now belly”. His belly gurgles not satisfied. “Ugh fine maybe one more thing wouldn’t hurt”. As he looks at the stuff something makes him more hungry as he grabs more cakes and pasteries and starts scruffing them down. His belly grows a little making his waist a little snug on his pants and belt while his belly forms a small muffin top. He burps and groans as he gets up to try to eat more food.

He grabbed more stuff and shoved it down his throat making his belly grow more making him a little…turned on. Lars looks down as his button up is getting a little tight on him.

Lars try’s to get up but fails as he hits his butt on the ground making him burp. “UUUUUUAAAAARRRRRPPPPP holy shit excuse me heh”.

He hoist himself up making him groan as it’s harder to walk now. Lars looks around for more stuff in the bakery licking his lips as his belly is not satisfied yet. Then he finds a tub of icing and grabs it sitting down at one of the tables rubbing his hands together as his belly gurgles and churns. “Don’t worry little guy were not over yet~”. He opens the icing and starts chugging down the thick liquid spilling a little on his uniform. He finishes as he adjust himself making two buttons on his shirt pop off. “Oh well..I’ll…pant…get new ones soon…pant…”.

That’s it for the first part hope you guys enjoy!!! Should I make a part 2~ that’s your guys decision heheh~

Charcoal out~
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