late bloomer

Chapter 1 - grandma

"Grandma's coming to visit!" Exclaimed my mom.
It was early Saturday morning and Maria's grandmother is coming to visit today. Maria is a shy 16 year old somewhat skinny Latin girl with surprisingly wide hips. Her B cup boobs are perky but leave room to grow. She stands at 5'5 so she's taller than most girls her age. Her skin was a perfect tan shade.
Her mother was much much more voluptuous than her daughter. Her large double D breasts we're very full for her age. She wasn't wearing a bra so they were hanging with just the right amount of sag under her plus size Adidas T-shirt dress that she wore as pajamas. Her huge ass was only comparable to her amazing hips that expanded far from her shoulder length. Her face was surprisingly trim and her lips were full.
Maria's mother walked into her Maria's room with grace and told her to get dressed.
Maria got dressed in a pink Adidas t-shirt dress with leggings underneath it.
Her grandmother didn't visit often but when she did she always brung something good for her.
Grandma doesn't visit often, but when she does, she always brings something good.
-ding- -dong- the doorbell ringed.
Grandma was seen through the peephole and Maria opened the door.
Maria's grandmother, Maia was much like Maria in every sense.
After all the greetings and such they all say down for breakfast. When Maia said she had something to say.
"I have something important to tell you all." She said. "I want to tell Maria about the family disorder." Maria looked up from her plate. Maria's mother was not surprised as she knew what Maia was about to say.
Maia continued, "In our family, the females experience a severe weight gain. It happens during the climax of puberty where in this family our bodies
produce extremely abnormal amounts of estrogen. Exactly 20 times the normal amount at this time. This means we experience extreme emotions including arousal. The most extreme side effect of this is the weight gain we experience. During normal puberty estrogen controls fat distribution to the breasts lower extremity areas. With that amount of estrogen, our bodies put enourmous amount s of fat in those areas. Due to this we become extremely hungry to fuel this weight gain. This disorder is incurable and we can't do anything about it. You've noticed your wide hips but skinny body. Your body is preparing for the disorder. I'll be staying here till the week of your disorder passes. Look iny bag for your present."
The completely shocked Maria moved over to Maria's bag and found some high quality bras and panties in all plus sizes up to bigger than her mother's sizes.
"You'll be needing those." Said Maia. "If your wondering why I haven't been affected by this disorder, it's because when it happened to me my mother thought I was crazy and didn't feed me enough be to supplement my growth. I almost died because my body was eating itself to compensate. I don't want that to happen to you. I helped your mother through it and as you can see she filled out quite nicely." She said while grabbing the mothers right ass cheek in one hand and her oversized breast in the other. Maria's mother shook in excitement. She let out a soft moan and said, "Mom, not in front of MariaAAAH! She's still so yoohung."
"Sorry, couldn't help myself." Said Maia. "Anyway, Maria by my calculations it should start in the next few days so be ready. Put those new underwear in your room." Maria, while completely shocked, obeyed.
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