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chapter 1

Caitlyn had dated Matt since high school, he was a football player, she was a cheerleader it was a corny stereotype but he was great and he doted on her hand and foot. She didn’t really have a lot of real friends as other women found her intimidating. She was driven and smart, the kind of girl who had plans, and the will to follow through.

Matt wasn’t some meat head either, he was smart, he got great grades and it was no surprise when he got into one of the best schools in the country. Caitlyn had only managed to get into her safety though which was… on the otherside of the country to Matt.

She was heart broken but it looked like they would have to break up, or try the dreaded long distance relationship… He told her that she could move with him and apply as a mature age student in a few years, that he would ‘look after her’ while he was a collage. He was from money so she knew he could, but she had no interest in that, she wanted to be a nurse, she wanted to help people not sit around like a house pet.

Luckily before she could broach it with Matt he suggested that they take a gap year together and visit Europe, she was delighted to go even if it meant she would have to let him pay which made her uncomfortable.

The trip was great, although some of the countries Matt took her to were odd choices, strange slavic countries and places that just didn’t scream ‘toristy’. But the people were always kind and the food! The food was amazing, in fact the food had become one of the main focuses as they went from patisserie to bakery, or choclaterie, Caitlyn wasn’t complaining, the food was the best she had ever had, in fact just when she thought it couldn’t get better they would find a place and it would blow her away even more.

She had put on a little weight she admitted, her 130 lb frame seemed to have gotten… softer. At 5.2 she couldn’t afford to put on too much weight but hey it was a holiday after all and Matt didn’t seem to mind.

What was strange though was everywhere they went Matt seemed to be searching for something, he would speak with the proprietors of these patisseries in hushed tones, often they would take him out back for a few minutes only for him to emerge looking disappointed.

This went on for most of the year, they would arrive in a new town and after a few weeks of him spoiling her rotten with shopping and eating and drinking and more than a little rampant fucking he would tell her they had to go to one place or another, usually in some strange back street or little village. They would end up at another little bake house and he would talk to the owner, while she was served a tester of pretty much everything in the shop.

Whenever she asked him he just said he was looking for a recipe, casual as anything, but something was off. Honestly though Cait didn’t have much time to think about it, the trip was such a whirlwind of wine, food and sex that she barely had a minute to think. Not normally a girl to indulge in excess she was getting strangely comfortable with this life of leisure.

It wasn’t until about a month before the end of their year of excess that Matt seemed to find whatever it was he was searching for. They arrived at a very strange looking bakery in an ancient looking building in maybe Romania she wasn’t sure where they were anymore. The place smelt amazing, although she would admit she was pretty hungry, her growing little stomach was used to being fed so often that she was famished after the long drive.

As always a now quite over fed looking Caitlyn was ushered over to a private corner of the shop were she was fussed over and pampered by a staff member who would bring her an assortment of pastries and sweats quite insistent that she try everything, not that she needed much encouragement anymore. Meanwhile Matt spoke with someone behind the counter. She was truly floored by how great the food was, the strange little pastries filled her with warmth, like she was getting drunk off them as strange as that may sound.

Cait was too focused on the cream puffs in front of her to notice the little book that Matt was pocketing, and the several boxes of pastries in his arms when he returned was no different to any other tip. Caitlyn new what came next, they returned to the motel where he would feed her pasties and *** now quite chubby ass till she could neither move nor think.

One thing that she did notice was the excited look on Matts face as he ushered her out, shaking the owners hand the man said something in broken English while motioning to the boxes in Matts hands… It sounded like he said ‘Only half strength’. Perhaps they were liquors she thought still chewing on a pastry.
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