let's make her fat

chapter 1

Mia was one of the prettiest girls on campus, a great figure, beautiful face, perfect long blonde hair, a girl most guys dreamt about. Still, she was not the prettiest. She had managed to create a group of friends was all of them were really pretty and most guys wanted to date. This was great since as a group they looked phenomenal, but not being the queen of the group really destroyed Mia's identity and self-worth. She really wanted to be the one, the prettiest, the one with the best body and the one all guys wanted to date.
It was frustrating for her for the first year of college to be the second one, but this year she was ready to go some positions up and she was down for anything that would take her there.
Luna was the one, the one all guys would choose over Mia, the one every girl wanted to look like, the one everybody desired. She had long brown hair and pretty blue eyes, her face was beautiful, great perfect skin with the perfect amount of redness only on her cheeks. Her body was model like, but not like most really skinny runway models, more like a bikini model; perfect sized round boobs, flat stomach, and firm butt. Mia knew that in order to pass Luna she could not just get some eyelash extensions and cut her hair, she needed to take it further.
Making Luna ugly was going to take her a lot of effort, but she needed to do it.
They shared dorm, so it was going to be easier for Mia to try to manipulate Luna into doing "bad" stuff. She decided to start slow; she first added some weight gain powder into Luna's tea since she always left some in the fridge at night to drink it the following day and not drink other more calorie-dense drinks. She also added some appetite pills into her protein powder and just kept an eye on Luna for a while. After the first week, Mia started to see some changes in Luna, not on her looks, but on her routines, she had started to eat breakfast, which she never did and also found her to be eating bigger plates at the cafeteria.
After the second one, Mia added more weight gain powder and more weight gain one, she needed to see the changes and this process seemed like it was taking too long. After one month, Luna's figure started to change rapidly, not giving her enough time to make any change in her diet to avoid it. Most of the changes were noticeable on her belly, which was satisfying for Mia since if she had gained on her butt she would probably look even hotter. Her belly had started to expand and she was lacking definition on the lower part of it, already adding some pounds in the form of a potbelly.
After another month Mia was starting to get all the attention as Luna's boy was no longer looking its best. Her bot belly had kept growing, becoming rounder and fuller every day. Mia had more than doubled the recommended amount of powder on her mixes and since Luna thought tea was low in calories, she kept drinking it trying to lose some weight. This resulted in huge hunger and ofter trips to the fridge to grab more and sometimes losing control over the amount of food she was eating.
By the third month Luna hit a plateau, she was not being hungrier than before so she was not increasing, even more, the amount of food she ate, but she was definitely eating more than she should if she wanted to look thin again. She had gained a huge amount of weight since the beginning of the process, adding up 35 months in just 3 months, making her chubby. As in the previous months, most of her weight had pilled on her belly, making her figure look totally deteriorated and quite unattractive. Her face still looked good although she had started to break out and got some pimples on her cheeks and forehead.
As for the 3rd month, Luna's body stood the same and although Mia could have left her there since she had reached her goal, she had discovered that she loved seeing Luna's appearance decadence and her kind of wanted more of it. She added more powder and started buying fast food and leaving it in the fridge for Luna to slob out on when her hunger arrived.
Only wearing way too tight sweatpants and trying to cover her body with sportswear, Luna looked unrecognizable. Also, this was not doing her any favour as even if her sweatshirts covered her belly and was not tight on it, it still made her look bulky.
Some months went by and as Mia was living her best life being the centre of attention, Lunas was catching people's looks because of her inflated body. Her belly was nowhere to be hidden, looking bloated and round, sticking out pass her boobs and pushing against whatever she was wearing. Her legs were also bigger but not as big as to make her proportions normal, most of her weight was now packed on her belly making her look really porcine. Her face had started to look red most of the time from her getting tired after almost every move and her once perfect skin looked greasy almost always now. No mattered how hard she tried to avoid eating, Mia had made sure to keep the dorm full of food and her tea full of appetite powder as well as weight gain powder. As much as Luna wanted to not eat, she could not stop herself as she lost control over herself when her huge hunger started to peek through. She would binge on anything and everything, Oreos, cookies, milk, pasta, cheese... Just anything she got her hand on.
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