chapter 1

My first story! Review if you want more.

Leva is a 23 year old with an astonishing build. She has creamy brown skin, long, wavy, black hair, brown, almond eyes with full, dark lashes, a straight nose, and full red lips. Since she is a pole-dancer at a big shot night club called The Spark she always has to be in perfect shape. She follows a strict diet and an even stricter work out regime.
- - -
Leva was minding her own buissness while doing some leg stretches when she heard her boss talking to a person she didnt recognise about how there was a budget cut and they where going to need to drop a few employes.
Normally she wouldn't care about something like that since she's one of the most popular dancers, but her boss just hired this girl Sung-Lee, who was at least half a foot taller than her and has a huge ass and ginormous breasts. The worst part was it wasn't just her body that was amazing she also had gorgeous face and was basically a super model, with her high cheek bones,pouty lips, sharp eyes, and long brown hair. Leva was about to start crying as she realized she would probably be fired within the month, except she over heard Sung-Lee talking to her friend about how she has no self-control and if there's food in front of her she'll eat it, that's why she only buys fruits and vegetables. Leva smirked as she cooks up quite an evil plan in her head.
- - -
Leva began phase one of her plan by visiting the grocery store for some fattening foods, she started by buying a dozen donuts, three bags of chips, and two pints of ice cream. She would strategically place her bag of goodies around the staff part of The Spark. She started by putting the box of donuts on the table in the lounge in front of Sung-Lee's changing room, she would then put the potato chip bags on the counter by the work-out room, and would finish by putting the ice cream in the smoothie freezer where dancers would go to get there fill of fruits and vegetables.
- - -
With a mischievous smile she found that her plan had worked perfectly, by the end of the day all that was left of the food she had bought was half a pint of ice cream and many, many empty wrappers. She had noticed with much joy that Sung-Lee's usually flat stomach had an evident bump, proof she had helped herself to a small feast. Leva was ecstatic with the thoughts of what she could( a would) do to Sung-Lee running through her head.
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Zurea 6 years
Not a bad start, hope it continues as strong as it started~
QuebecFA 6 years
This story has a nice start. I look forward to watching where this goes! :-)
Nok 6 years
good concept
Jazzman 6 years
I also want to tell you I personally have known at least 6 Dancers who gained weight and were "benched " or had to serve shots until they lost weight. So your concept is Spot on!
Jazzman 6 years
I like the style. Kind of old school like from the Dimensions Weight Room.If the quantities of food and resulting gains remain realistic you have a winner.