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chapter 1

With the way Dean ate, it was inevitable that he was going to put on weight. For years, Sam tried to tell him to slow down on the junk food and eat a salad every once in a while, but Dean always ignored him. Although the weight didn’t begin to pile on until after they stopped hunting and they lived a more sedentary lifestyle. Sam would still go out every day for a run or at least get in a good work out but Dean found comfort in food.

The weight gain was subtle at first. Sam noticed that Dean had a little pooch that could be discarded as bloat. The kind of bloat you get when you eat just a little too much during Thanksgiving, but inevitably goes away the next day. But this bloat wasn’t going anywhere. His shirts were beginning to fit snuggly around the middle and his pants were only just buttoning.

Yet Dean never seemed to care. If anything, he leaned into it. Especially when he figured out that Sam liked it. He would make it a mission to finish his whole meal, even if he had made a tray of lasagna. He would eat the entire thing and then finish it off with desert and snacks throughout the day.

Sam tended to make breakfast. He would typically make himself a healthy egg white omelet with whole wheat toast and a green juice. Dean on the other hand would get a whole package of bacon or sausage with French toast or pancakes. Sam would lie and say that he didn’t realize he made the whole box of pancake mix or would say that he would have a few pancakes but never intended to. Instead he would encourage his brother to eat the whole fattening breakfast and Dean never needed to be told twice. After most meals Dean would lie down on the couch with his stuffed belly in his hands, rubbing it trying to soothe the pain.

It’s no wonder Dean was getting fat. He kept himself stuffed for the majority of the day.

One day, Dean got curious at how much he weighed so he decided to step on the bathroom scale. The last time he weighed himself was probably 6 months ago when he was 215 pounds of mostly muscle. He laughed to himself when he saw the new number flash back at him.

Sam came up behind him to see the damage as well. “245 pounds. Damn Dean. You are fat,” Sam whispered in his ear, with his hands around Dean’s middle caressing the large mound of flesh. “And you’re all mine,” he growled while nibbling on his lobe.

Dean arched his body back so his stomach pushed into Sam’s hands further. “It’s your fault that I got. You made me like this,” he said as his breath grew quicker.

“I may have helped, but you could never say no to good food,” Sam said. He turned Dean around and he stepped off the scale. Sam got a good look at his brother and his softened body. He loved touching it and caressing it. Patting it and teasing it when it’s full. He loved holding on to the large bulging love handles when they had sex. Sam guided Dean to the bedroom where he stripped Dean’s pants off and tore off his shirt. He began to kiss at his neck and slowly made his way down, stopping at Dean’s belly. Giving it plenty of attention and kisses. He then began to suck on the lower part of Dean’s stomach which was beginning to sag a little.

Dean moaned into it, the sensation of all driving him wild.

Sam then put Dean’s entire penis into his mouth and sucked it until he tasted the precum. He looked at Dean. “Not yet, baby. I want your fat body to fuck me.”

Sam then got on the bed and spread his body for Dean to enter it. He almost came when he could feel Dean’s belly on top of his back. After a few thrusts Dean was getting close again. “Tell me how fat you want me,” Dean said breathlessly.

“I want you to be my big piggy. Over eating at every meal. I want you to hit 300 pounds of pure lard,” Sam said int each thrust. “I want you bigger baby. So.much.bigger.”

That did it for Dean. He exploded into Sam, practically collapsing on top of him. “Fuck, Sammy,” he chuckled. “You’re such a kinky son of a bitch.” He then laid on his back next to Sam. “Is that what you really want? You want me to gain more weight?”

Sam shrugged. “I mean only if you want. I don’t want to do anything that you don’t want to do. I’m happy with you at any size.”

Dean looked down at his gut and put his hand on it. He hated to admit it, but he did like it. He liked the feeling of having a large gut that he could touch and stuff. It weirdly made him feel safe and comforted. He then saw Sam’s hand join his and he began rubbing it up and down and patting his love handles. “You’ve taken care of me since I was baby, Dean. Let me take care of you. Let me fill you up,” Sam said with honest eyes.

Dean agreed. “Okay. Let’s do this. Fill me up, Sammy.”
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