lila’s beer belly

  By D99

Chapter 1: A Body Built for Pleasure

Lila was almost 20 years old. She stood at 5’7 and 123lb. Her body was long and lean from playing soccer in high school, although she never really worked out outside of practice and didn't watch what she ate. Because of this, she had enough extra weight, both muscle and fat, to have a damn good ass. She also had good, perky, C cup tits. She was well proportioned though, and still had a flat belly. She had dark brown eyes, fairly tanned skin from her time in the sun, and long dark brown hair. Her history as an athletic girl and being popular with guys led her to dress most often in short adidas shorts that showed off her sexy ass and thighs and either tight soccer shirts or crop tops. Her face was a perfect mixture of cute and sexy. It was symmetrical, with a soft V shape, her eyelashes were long, her nose was cute and perfect, her lips soft, reddish-pink, and sensual, and her eyes big and piercing. Her curtain bangs and long dark hair framed her face perfectly, whether down or in a ponytail. Lila was hot as hell and there was no getting around it. She was confident, energetic, and carefree. She knew she was hot and used it to her advantage, throwing her looks and body around to get whatever and whoever she wanted. She could melt hearts and minds with one look, her eyes dripping with irresistible lust and her glossy lips and red tongue calling out to be kissed. Her body and face were perfect no matter the time or the state she was in. First thing in the morning she was still attractive. Even out of breath with her hands on her knees, her body just held itself in a way that just oozed sex appeal without her having to try. However, when she did try, she could work her body and face even more perfectly. This wasn’t just to influence others however. Lila thrived off of attention from guys and being seen as hot, and was generally just as horny as the guys were, it was just less directed.

This was Lila’s state when she entered her freshman year of college after a gap year. Even after a year of eating whatever she wanted, drinking whatever she wanted, and rarely playing soccer (just for fun every now and then), her body had maintained itself to perfection.

Now a college student, she began attending frat parties quite often. Already having plenty experience with drinking from high school and her gap year, she was much better at holding her alcohol than other students, and could outdrink even other experienced drinkers. She had only one use for this skill, and that was to impress frat guys with her abilities and grab their attention during drinking games. She didn’t necessarily need help attracting their attention, as her body was doing the job just fine, but seeing an absolute 10/10 slamming down beers, throwing back shots, and getting excited as she dominated drinking games sent most guys around her straight to cloud 9. Sure, she might have given herself a bit of beer bloat by the end of most parties, but by that time everyone was too intoxicated to notice. Even if they did notice, what was a little bloat going to do to stop someone with her innate sexuality from being hot. Even if the bloat had been permanent, her shapely ass, perfect thick thighs, perky tits, and gorgeous face would have been enough to make her far hotter than any other girl at the party. Coupled with her carefree personality and flirtatiousness, guys were falling for her in droves.
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Bellyblubber 2 months
soooo hot
Alex Cote 3 months
Will there be an update to this story?
D99 3 months
yes, sorry ab the wait, i’ve just been a bit busy lately
Anker11 6 months
Lol personally I enjoy the mini updates it's essentially a preview of the next chapter idk what dudes problem is
Jf233489 6 months
Awesome story dude! Really hope there's more to come. Love the idea that Lila's rubbing off on the other people on campus
Fatiluvr 6 months
Strongly disliking why bother to post an update if it's only a couple of paragraphs? The only excuse for posting something that you have to pad out with a bunch of BS text is if your text wouldn't fit
Fatiluvr 6 months
And I'm not sure that's even a problem you might run into, I'm not an author so I'm not familiar with the limits of the posting system.
D99 6 months
Too bad, that’s just my personal process. Don’t give me a “you have no excuse.” I do this cause I want to and how I want to, and you aren’t entitled to tell me how you want me to write.
D99 6 months
Sometimes I have to stop typing and do some actual life shit. That’s just how it is.
D99 6 months
I do apologize for the inconvenience though, I know I’m pretty sporadic.
Witek 7 months
Man I love this story, but I wish the boys would get some more attention, and could stuff their bellies as much as Lila, why do they gotta go hungry?
Anker11 7 months
Goated story btw
TheGreatFatsby 7 months
Looking forward to more
JigglyArms 7 months
This is really really good, you are great at teasing and degradation. I especially enjoyed the workout fail and out of shape moments and hope to see more of those!
D99 7 months
Thanks, I added some more workout failing stuff in chapter 14 just recently.
Zachi 7 months
please use paragraphs
D99 7 months
already had paragraphs but there were hard to see cause the site doesn’t really show indentation, I changed it so there’s blank lines between paragraphs now so hopefully that shows better
D99 7 months
*they were, not there were
Jhufford 7 months
Really great story, and the way you extend it!
Zachi 7 months
One of best stories for months here!
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