lina and zoe in the us

chapter 1

Lina and Zoe in the US

2 good friends, Lina and Zoe, have just finished school 3 months ago. They know eachother for 5 years and they have always been in the same class. They are planning to go to the USA in 6 months just to enjoy their lifes before the studies begin the following year. Both are still not sure what to study, so they hope, that they´ll eventually find their passion on their voyage to the US.

For two months, both are working in a well known car factory to earn some money for their voyage. It´s the best paid job for two uneducated women in the city.
Lina is a short girl (5,4 feet) with brown hairs and blue eyes. She´s on the chubby side, that´s maybe the reason why she is a shy girl with not much self-confidence. But as soon as she trust somebody, she can be very open to the person.

Zoe is a bit taller than Lina. At 5,8 feet she is even modelsized, concerning her height. Besides she´s a real beauty. She is a blond girl with a nice tan and the most sparkling blue eyes on earth. Her freckles perfect her beautiful face with rose lips. Also her smiling is a big feature with her white perfect teeths. In contrast to Lina, Zoe is pretty self-confident but is also humorous. A tease against her, she is just smiling away and she even makes jokes about herself.
Her body has changed a bit since her graduation.

Since her prom, where she looked more beautiful than anyone else there with her tight red dress, she has just enjoyed herself and ate what she wanted to. Now at lunchtime at work, she always has a lunch box with not only unhealthy food, but it was just a lot. In this 3 months she put on 11-15 lbs and you could see it a bit, actually she wore skinny jeans and normal-sized or tight shirts. But she didn´t care, as she was very self-confident. Once, she made a joke on herself, while people talked about their weight, that she also ate a bit too much as everyone can see, while she grabbed her newly gained belly fat. This day she wore a tight red shirt with blue jeans, but she was still a skinny girl just with a little paunch and tights, that were just a little wider, exactly as her ass, but nothing really noticeable. You couldn´t tell if she was just super confident or if she really liked her little tummy.
Anyway, the time passed by and Lina and Zoe were working on their daily routine. Both had really easy jobs, as they just had to bring on the licence plate holder, so it was a boring job. Zoe just kept on her eating routine and put on 6-10 lbs til the end of her work contract.

Still looking skinny, she now got a little bit of a doublechin, besides her arms lost some definition, but still she didn´t look rounder or something, just a bit meatier.
After 6 months of work, Lina and Zoe were both super excited to start their adventure to the US, but were also happy to stop their super boring job in the factory. Lina´s and Zoe´s parents are both pretty wealthy that´s why they are supporting their children on offering them 2200$ per month each, while still having the money from the job.
"I´m sooo happy that our voyage begins now, one more month at the factory and I would have been died", Zoe joked happily. "I know what you mean, it was just super the way, do you have an idea what to do first in the US?, asked Lina. "I don´t know yet but I just wanna have the best year of our life, I wanna do something extraordinary, I wanna know who I am and just do things I love. I wanna try out everything to know what I love and what I don´t."

In the past months, when Zoe put on some weight, she noticed very well that she got fatter and she had to admit that she liked her body a little bit fleecier, it even aroused her. She knew that Lina got bullied in school because of her chubby body and felt bad for her, because she always told her that she just needed to be self-confident, so everybody would stop harrasing her. It´s easier said than done.
She wanted to prove Lina, that is was as easy as she had told her.
But Zoe wasn´t sure, how Lina would react and if she supported her physical changement.

When the girls landed in Chicago, they were pretty tired and were just going to find something to eat and afterwards looked for a room to sleep. Zoe bought a big pizza with extra cheese and Lina a big normal pizza. For a short moment Lina glanced at the cheesy pizza of Zoe and then looked at Zoe´s tummy. Maybe it doesn´t mean anything, does it?
When they checked-in in the hotel, Zoe was super nervous because she didn´t know how Lina would react to hear her plans for their big voyage.

"Lina,...,...Can I ask you a serious question?...Do you remember when you told me how you got bullied in the class in the past? And when I couldn´t help you but saying that you have to be confident? I felt so bad because I couldn´t feel as you felt but now I wanna feel it your way." Lina´s eyes were wide-opened but she didn´t understand what Zoe told her. "What do you mean, Zoe?" "I mean,...,... I wanna be...,..., FAT!, just to feel as you felt. I told you that I wanted to experience everything and that´s a thing that interests me."
"You wanna get fat?", even Lina´ s mouth was wide-opened now."What do you mean, you wanna be fat?", asked Lina. "I wanna put on weight, 20,40,70 lbs. I wanna feel embarrased as you have been, I mean, it doesn´t matter how big I am, I´m confident, no matter what I weigh, I don´t care and besides I will loose it all before we return home. Would you help me to get fat?"
Lina was stunned, she couldn´t believe what she heart, Zoe, the most beautiful girl, wanted to get fat just because of her. She liked the idea, as Lina has always been in the shadow of Zoe.

"If you want to, I will help you getting a bit curvier", she answered as cool as she could. "But one condition, I will lose all this blubber and I want you to support me to get thin as good as you can"
"Yeah, for sure, so it´s kind of a role change, I get fat and you get fit. Lina loved secretly the idea of changing the physical stats with her beautiful friend.
"But I don´t want to stuff myself 24/7. I just wanna eat normally, so 3 times day, but just stuff like pizza, pancakes, burgers and all the delicious stuff of this country. I don´t wanna have disgusting stretchmarks on my body." "Ok, we will get this."

The next morning Zoe woke up by the smell of sweet pancakes and went directly in the kitchen, where Lina served her 3 big pancakes, syrup and Nutella being on the table. They were also a cup of cacao next to the pancakes, that got filled up by Lina. 3 pancakes with Nutella and syrup+ the cacao made about 1000kcal just in the morning. Zoe was full but not bursting or something. It didn´t feel like 1000 kcal that she just consumed.
After breakfast Lina looked for a gym where she could train, she told Zoe to sit down on the sofa and to enjoy the vacation. After 3 hours after breakfast, Zoe got a bit hungry but decided to drink something, as she only wanted to eat 3 times a day. At first she thought about water, but then she realised that cacao is also a drink and made her another 2 cups.

30 min later Lina came home."LUNCHTIME", Zoe moved in the kitchen, just wearing underwear. Ohh yeah, McDonald´s!! "Why do you just wear underwear? "I´m just proud of my body, what do you think about it? My curves are sexy, aren´t they?, Zoe joked. "Sure, now come and eat, make your curves even more sexy". By the way I found a nice gym, that isn´t too expensive, I think it´s the perfect place to burn some fat. Apropos fat, the 2 Cheeseburger and a big pommes frites+ Cola were inhaled by Zoe. And again she didn´t feel super full, just a bit tired. While Zoe was sleeping, Lina decided to go jogging to burn some fat and thought about yesterday and the strange situation:
I can´t believe what is going on in Zoe´s head. She wants to get fat to feel how I felt? I mean, it was the hardest time of my life and she wants to live the same experience? Does she think that this is funny to get bullied by everyone and to be embarrased by stupid jokes of idiots? She is so lovely but she wouldn´t do just because of me, would she? Maybe there are other reasons that she wants to put on weight but anyway, I think that she is taking it too easy.

It is so hard to be confident when everybody make jokes about you and all this thoughts about harrassing make you eating unhealthy stuff because you are kind of depressed. I would like to see her putting on my weight to make her understand that it is complicated to get out of this situation. And losing weight is a bit harder with 30,40 lbs on your body. I will show her all the sorts of embarrassing situations if that is what she wants, but I don´t wanna hurt her, just tease her a little bit. But now I will just finish my run.
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