Chapter 1: SUMMER 1.

“Good afternoon North Havenbrook” the blond haired blue eyed young woman spoke through a smile into the microphone. Her tall slender demeanor fit the bright blue robe perfectly.

“We have all worked. We have all worked hard alone and we have all worked hard together.” She was beaming her toothy smile to the school. Looking around she saw her boyfriend Adam, her best friend Sandy. Both were graduating alongside her. She noticed her soon to be trainee Morgan in the band.

“I’m so humbled by all of you.”

“There’s a word for sustained efforts. For committing to a goal and ruthlessly working for a better future.”


“There’s no doubt that all of us graduating today will go on to do great things. Be it college or jumping right into the job market”

“With Grit and Passion we will continue to grow together and make the world a better place.”

“Personally I’m going to west university for premed. One day I will be a doctor contributing to the health of humanity”.

The speech went on. A well crafted message with a hopeful theme. She was glad to be successfully working to the future.

“I’ll see you all, we will triumph together!” Lisa stepped down and the dean took the mic.

Lisa walked around the pool with Morgan. The occasional thunder crack had cleared the pool. The guards periodically patrolled to ensure order among the displaced customers. Suddenly Morgan started to slow down. Her eyes fixed on a single customer on the grass. A fat woman had one hand down her bikinis front. Lisa saw the distress in her younger coworker.

She had to handle the situation professionally. Lisa walked up to the disgusting woman. The fatty had a hand down her bikini she looked past Lisa at Morgan. The hot young guard. Lisa interrupted her fantasy.

“Ahem” she said aloud bringing one hand to her whistle.

Lisa got a good look at the woman. Messy ratty brown hear. Her body was hairy too.
The fat woman let out a fart as she was startled. She immediately removed her stinky hand.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave”

“If you try something like that again you won’t be allowed here no more”

“Now go home”

The chubby woman shuffled up. Her jiggly body briefly stole Lisa’s attention. The smell of her gas surprisingly reached Lisa’s nose. She cringed as the fowl smell and sight flooded her perception.

A little surprised Lisa regained her composure as she watched the porky girl leave the pool grounds. How did someone do that to themselves. Lisa had been so on top of her game for so long. She tried to be sympathetic but she also had to keep the pool in order.

“Thanks so much ” Morgan said playing uncomfortably with her hair. The rest of the day flew by for Lisa. Leaving the pool she drove home. Lacing up in her room the pretty blonde looked in the mirror. Her hair up in buns for her run. Her pink sports bra and short shorts were all she needed for the run.

Just 4 miles today. They went smooth 8 minute pace. As she ran the thought of the obese woman jacking it at the pool crossed her mind. A tingle ran through the running girl. She quickly distracted herself by thinking of Adam. Soon she’d be on a date with her man. After cruising through the four miles Lisa took a quick shower.

She cleaned off her fit body. Her skinny form graciously scrubbing the sweat off her skin. After cleaning her hair and stepping out of the shower. She didn’t need to shave as she’d been waxed recently. She put on a fitting yellow sundress and took off to meet her man. Adam was waiting outside in his car.

He was wearing a blue collared shirt. She sat down in his red convertible. Immediately taking his hand they drove off. Italian.

Lisa ordered grilled chicken breast with fresh vegetables. The healthiest thing on the menu. They giggled and talked about the summer. The topic of the fall came up. Adam was glad their schools were only half an hour apart. Lisa had learned the name of her randomly assigned roommate. Nicole. She’d added her on Facebook. They were already starting to talk. Adam was happy for his independent girlfriend. Lisa always seemed to make the right decisions for herself. After dinner he invited her inside. Making out in his room Lisa was as turned on as ever. They were humping through their clothes. She moved his hands directly to her breasts. Popping out of her dress. She pawed at his junk until he completely undid his buckle and she got full access. She puckered and went down on her man. Deep breaths as she maintained her stamina. He was losing it. Back arched and breathing staggered. He held her hair as she bobbed. Finally he erupted into her mouth. She stood up and licked her lips. A distinct swallow his cum had been consumed. Lisa smiled at her boy. He played with her breasts as she lowered her panties. The boy then lowered his head and started kissing Lisa’s clit. Her life was beautiful.
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