little helper

Chapter 1 - prologue

Startling awake in my home office I groggily shake my head as I look around getting my bearings back. I check the time and it’s only nine, stretching slightly I get up from desk and decide to go check on my wife Amy and our daughter. I go into our bedroom and see them both asleep my little girl curled up arms outstretched over my wife’s belly her head nuzzled into it head sinking into the flesh. Her pale skin and light brown hair dealing over her face, looking like a miniature version of her mother. She loves using her belly as a pillow and I can’t blame her, she’s four years old now and starting to really notice that her mommy is a little different.

My wife’s not like other women, she’s a big girl and I mean a really big girl. She was always even when we first met as kids easily tipping the scales at 200 pounds. As the years went on we got closer, and she got fatter much fatter. After we had finally realized our chemistry together, and we had been dating for a few months she had told me something, something she had always wanted as long as she could remember she had wanted this. She wanted to gain as much weight as she could and indulge her desires. I of course had to problem with this and even encouraged it. We had been inseparable and would go out to eat constantly stuffing her to the brink of popping loving every second of it.

What was just as couple months starting to go to a couple of years, and we eventually got married by that time she was easily 300 pounds her weight piling mostly on her butt and belly making her quite the stunner. Her wedding dress barely able to hold in her growing girth. She has to change out of it after about her fifth helping of dinner. Her dress started to tear at the seams, the embarrassment turned her on more than anything holding that thought at the forefront of her mind to help arouse herself.

After a night of binge eating, not that much different than any other night but just having a larger audience. Having mostly her fill of the night we went back to our room with a couple extra slices of wedding cake and got right down to business. Not being able to hold ourselves back we made love, as we did her body quivered and jiggled with every movement. Finally, us both spent we fell soundly asleep. Soon after we found out we were expecting.

I loved those times he’d cravings kept her constantly hungry, and she easily gained 100 pounds during it. Her body trying to stick as
much fat as it could onto her frame to help keep our baby healthy and vital. Then my wonderful bundle of joy was finally born, we named her Kiri she was such a tiny thing compared to her mammoth sized mother. After breast feeding her she would just cuddle up and squeeze my wife’s fat as she snuggled in to sleep. A lot of the times we would let her sleep like that which is why she still loved to cuddle in for a nap or to try and get her to fall asleep for the night. Gaining a long the years as my sweet little girl slowly started growing up.


Now much fatter having ballooned up to around 450 pounds, her belly pillow or well belly bean bag at this point was starting to gurgle and growl. It was almost time for her next meal and I wanted to get our little girl down into her own bed. Kiri has more of a metabolism like me, so she’s a skinny little thing. Scooping up Kiri as gently as I could I slung her over my should and quietly tip toed her to her room and placed her into bed placing the covers over her. I clicked on her night light and heard her stir.

“Daddy?” She asked softly.

“Yes honey?” I replied.

Quiet for a second she slowly asked
“Daddy do you like mommy’s big belly?”

Taken by surprise a little bit I smiled.

“Yes I do honey. Why do you ask?” I said

She perked up a little more now.

“Me too! I love how soft and warm and cuddly it is!” Her smile broadening.

All I did was nod at this point still smiling wondering what her little mind was thinking up.

“What if mommy’s belly was even bigger would you still like it?” She asked quizzically.

Thinking of how to respond I just decided to be honest.

“Yes I would still like it. Why do you ask baby girl?” I said.

She have it a little thought and her eyes beamed as she explained.

“I would like it too! I want it the size of two or three bellies then it is now! Mommy would be so cuddly. How can we make mommy’s belly bigger?” She said.

My heart skipped a beat at how cute and innocent her questioning was. She had slowed down her gaining but Amy still wanted to get as massive as possible but was worried what Kiri would think, how having a whale of a mother would make her feel different from the other kids as school with moms who had thin fit moms while hers was just a blob. Smiling to myself I thought up an ingenious way to have Kiri help Amy get fatter but not have Amy any the wiser to it. Feeling like it okay to let her know some of this, so she feels like she could be helping.

“Hmm well let’s see, first thing hunny I’ll tell you a secret. I know that mommy wants to have a bigger belly too. But she was worried that you wouldn’t want her too.” I said.

She gasped excitedly.

“Wow really daddy she does? How can I help??” She blurted out.

My smile broadened.

“Well first lets not tell mommy you’re going to be her little helper okay?”

She nods in agreement and I continue.

“Well to make it bigger she has to eat a lot more food. I have an idea my little one.” I said

She slowly sits up ready to listen to my plan and to help however she can.

“Well lets know whenever mommy asks you want to eat for breakfast or lunch or even when you’re out to eat somewhere?” I said.

She nods again eyes excited.

“Well when she does ask tell her what you want but make sure to always ask for more than what you think you can eat.” I said.

Her mouth slowly makes a frown.

“But daddy I don’t want a big belly I just want mommy’s to be bigger.” She protests.

I give her a wink.

“I know sweetie, but here’s the thing just eat what you want to feel full. Then once you do leave your food there and say you’re too stuffed to eat anymore. Mommy can’t resist food sitting right in front of her she will clean anyone’s plate she is with, she won’t even notice. Also if she’s asking what things you want suggest all her favorite foods, she will make or order it now that she’s craving it.” I said.

Her expression lit up again.

“Wow daddy that’s a good plan! I can do that!” She exclaims.

Nodding to her I add some more advice.

“Also I know mommy will ask you to get her a snack, so she expects it coming, but when she hasn’t asked for one bring her some anyway and set it near her. She will definitely eat that also and not notice.” I said proudly of my plan.

Her bubbly excitement boiling over.

“Okay daddy I’ll start tomorrow! I’m so excited.” She giggled.

Bopping my finger in her cute button nose I nodded and smiled.

“But right now I need you to go to sleep okay? I’m going to go give some food to mommy right now and I’ll be a helper too!” I said a little bit to excitedly and giddy.

She yawned finally feeling the heaviness of her eyes again as she slowly rested her head back down.

“I love you daddy.” She said mumbling.

“I love you to baby girl.” As I stood up and left the room.

As I finally got far enough away from the room my heart skipped a beat again as my thoughts swirled around loving this completely. Amy was really hesitant lately not wanting to divulge completely back into her old ways. This would definitely give a jump start to it, he wondered how long this could go on before she noticed. Kids always instinctively want to feed someone, time to put that to good use.
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