little miss piggy

Chapter 1 - little miss piggy

Tonight, I fed my lovely wife an entire dish of brownies with frosting. This was after a big meal of Chinese food. She really didn't seem too full, so I got out a box of Breyer's vanilla ice cream, and ended up feeding her the entire thing! Holy Shit, the girl just puts it down, man. I just love her. We were sitting here watching TV when she actually got out a package of oreos and tucked into that, finishing at least half of the package. While she was eating those, I gave here a glass of heavy whipping cream, which she sipped with the cookies, and absolutely loved it. So sexy. Her belly is getting deliciously fat and soft. It jiggles when she walks. Yesterday evening, my wife pulled out a pack of cigarettes, and, mind you, she hasn't smoked in years, and lit up. We no longer have ash trays, so she just ashes on the floor, and when she was done, she stamped out the cigarette on the carpet. She smoked several more, doing the same, not seeming to care that she was creating permanent black spots on the carpet. Today, she smoked an entire pack, still without an ashtray. She basically used the entire apartment as an astray. All the while, she snacked on junk food. She already is getting out of breath very easily. I can only imagine that she will become breathless even faster now that she is smoking again. In the past, she smoked three packs a day. So far, she is back up to a pack a day. She sure will be expensive if she builds up to three packs a day again. Of course, I will gladly buy all the cigarettes she needs for her.
Right now, she is ready to go to bed, and asked me to bring hera couple of Three Muskateers bars along with a glass of cream. As she lights another cigarette in bed. Without any ashtrays. God, her naughtiness is soooo sexy. She's eating one of the chocolate bars while she put the cigarette on the nigthstand. IT is burning into the wood. She doesn't care, in fact, she seems to enjoy seeing me watch her be naughty. A big burp and she is done with her snack. From the looks of things, it seems like it's time for whoopee.
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