chapter 1

My name is ... I would rather not say. This is about my obsession with fat, apparently. See, ever since I was fourteen I've had an unhealthy obsession with fat. Especially fat men, which I find unusual because I'm not gay; I just think fat looks better on men, is all. This fat fetish never hurt, so I guess I've been indulging it a whole lot lately. I would never want to willingly gain weight (I say willingly because I've put on a few recently accidentally...) but I really love the shape of round bellies, and come to think of it I think I like fat men more because their- can't believe I'm about to say this- breast fat was completely gained by them and looks how it is because they gained the whole lot of it, unlike women. I also like fat, thick, jiggly thighs. I once had a chubby girlfriend who had (at the time) just taken up tennis, and when she sat down in her tennis shorts her thighs spread over the seat. I struggled regularly to keep my fat fetish under control and strictly for late night internet browsing, and this ended up in her breaking up with me. Anyway, I knew and still know full well that this fetish is unusual in everyday life, but it feels so natural to me. I love watching You Tube videos of chubs revealing their bare, rippling flesh to the camera. It's become a part of everyday life. I've found my hand drifting down to my little paunch while I'm watching these things, and I really regret letting myself gain those 30 pounds. I mean, I work as a mascot (dressing up in animal costumes for the kids) and as a rule, have to keep animated, as it's part of the job description, but after I was dropped by my last employer and with only sporadic mascot jobs, I found myself sitting around more, and that's why my shirts aren't as spacious anymore. I'm going to lose it though, I'm dead set on it too.

Enough about me, back to the story. One day, one of the gainers I was subscribed to on You Tube (I'm subscribed to them all!) posted a caption-only video announcing that he was to go on Livestream that night, for one night only, to show off his naked torso.

The video concluded with the three words and emoticon that piqued my interest; "ALL requests taken ^^". I found this quite interesting, because of the all-requests thing for sure (it was likely to get very saucy) but also because this gainer hadn't posted a video in two months, and although he wasn't the biggest, sexiest, or most interesting gainer on You Tube, this event would surely be interesting enough.

Later on, I logged into Livestream and went on to the gainer's page. Chat was going down the side of the rectangle of streaming footage, mainly in anticipation and people submitting early requests. I sat there for a while, reading an article in a music magazine, relatively uninterested now that I think of it. It soon started, and when I saw the streaming footage in the middle of the screen my jaw dropped.

This person had DOUBLED in size since we had last seen him, I'm 100% sure of that. It was amazing! And so was he.
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Enoshima Sama 8 years
Woo, very interesting so far! I can't wait to see how this goes. :3c