living vicariously through your roommate

Chapter 1

Jess lives vicariously through her new roomate Katie. To be honest, Jess wasn’t sure why or when this all started. The athlete was always strict about her diet. She had to be, going to college on a full athletic scholarship demanded it. But Katie…she was her on mommy’s and daddy’s dime. The short, skinny rich girl had never had to watch her waistline. Her personal chefs did it for her. Yet, now that she had moved into the dorms with Jess, that was no longer the case. Jess supposed this all started one late night months ago.

Katie, who was 120 lbs soaking wet, was splayed out on her bed. A bong in hand and her eyes red, she giggled at the dumb show she was watching. Jess, hunched over her homework for nutrition 101, groaned softly. The two had ordered a pizza. Katie was slowly eating at it, while Jess had yet to touch her single slice. “Hey…” Katie suddenly asked, “Ya gonna eat that?” Normally, Jess would have told her yes. But, tonight was different. For some reason, the sight of Katie lazing on her back, chomping away at her seventh slice, stuffed belly rounded out under her dior shirt triggered something in Jess. If she couldn’t overindulge, perhaps letting Katie do it for her would be a good idea. Keep away cravings and all that. She grinned, then handed off the slice to Katie. “Ah!” Katie squeaked, quickly wolfing it down. She let out a short burp. “Thanks.” Jess stood up suddenly and asked, “Want dessert?” “Oh! Yesss! Great idea Jessy!” The athlete went to the kitchen and opened the freezer. She pulled out Katie’s pint of ice cream, triple fudge chunk, and filled a bowl with five massive heaps. Thick chocolate syrup was then squeezed over it, drowning it in even more calories. Katie’s glazed eyes widened as the bowl was carried over. She snatched it away and dug in. Jess sat back in her chair, smirking as she watched the high girl eat and eat and eat.

After a while, the ice cream was packed away in the tight confines of Katie’s stomach. She groaned, finally realizing that she went overboard. Her hands idly rubbed her distended stomach and she burped. “God that was delicious…” she mumbled
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Storyhub88 1 week
Loving it so far. Great work!
Fatpiggy172 1 week
This is so good! Please keep going!