look and eat

Chapter 1 - look and eat

A feeder and her Pet looking in a mirror. BBW, Dom/Sub, Feeding, Stuffing, FA, explicit content and sexual senario. don't like it? don't read it.

She stood behind her fat plaything and looked over the fat rounded shoulder into the mirror. Her Pets body was so wide and blubbery one couldn't even tell a person was there except for Pet was short and She stood a head taller. She grabbed that heavy sack of flesh that used to be a flat toned stomach and was now more of a stretched out gut. She felt the weight of it. With a grin She gripped it hard and molded it in her hands, nearly purring at the feeling of all that warm doughy flesh. She let her hands sink into it again and again. Her pets breath was coming in gasps now. She reached under the gut for the tender underside and not so gently massaged it. She then lifted its bulk and used her hips to move her pet forwards. She hefted that sack of fat up and let it slap down onto the counter and into the sink, causing Pet to let out a yelp at the cold granite and the feeling of her heavy burden being temporarily lifted off of her. It filled half the sink.

She continued to massage the fat girls body, her eyes peering over her heavy shoulder and looking directly at the fleshy mass she had helped to feed and cultivate. Pets love handles flowed over her sides growing out into a thick fleshy ass. She was taller then her pet piggy so her thighs pressed into that bare backside. She slapped it's bulk with one hand eliciting a yelp and causing ripples of fat and cellulite.

The shelf of an ass flowed over and down thick thighs the size of an average persons torso, they rolled down onto calves that resembled cones. She rubbed her body along the fat girls, making a moan come out of those ripe lips. Her pets face was flushed was excitement her chubby cheeks puffed out with heavy breathing.

Bare breasts beyond the alphabet in size hung down, heavy and puffed, thin blue veins traced along the fat udders along with the silver and red stretch marks. Fat arms wobbled as chubby hands tried to grip the edge of the sinks counter. If her belly had not been flowing into the sink she couldn't have reached around her gut to balance herself. She even had stretch marks along her lower arms, she had grown that huge that fast. She could swear her pet had stretch marks along her fat filled fingers. Pet's whole body quivered with need, desire, fatigue from standing and above all fat. She wedged herself in, enveloping her own tall strong body in the fatty rolls of her pet. She reached under the gut again and strained to reach her prize. She was fairly sure that eventually she would need to fit her pet with a special toy to keep her stimulated as it was getting too hard to reach between those lusciously fat filly thighs. But She reached and She began to rub at her Pets clit with one hand, and her other hand snaked around to grasp at a fatty downward pointing nipple.

"You want me to continue?" She said softly into her Pets ear. Pet nodded numbly her eyes closing "Open your eyes" She hissed and twisted at the nipple.
Pet obediently opened her eyes.

"Look at yourself"

Pet did

"Look at that body.. you used to be so thin, so tiny, so perfect.. now you are nothing but fat and hungry. A perfect pig. MY perfect pig"

Pet kept her gaze locked on her own rippling reflection. Any trace of the girl She was describing was gone, buried under pounds of flesh, piles of lard, and a lustful gluttony that had grown nearly uncontrollable. She continued her harsh treatment, moving her hand from the nipple down to the stomach and shaking it causing more moans from Pet who watched her reflection though heavy lust filled eyes.

"Look.. and eat" Pet glanced down, there were boxes of food near her, she groped for one desperately and came upon a pile of greasy cheeseburgers. The fat lusty pig of a girl grabbed one and lifted it to her waiting mouth. Pet knew better then to look away from the mirror for too long and returned her gaze to the mirror watched herself as she began to stuff the food into her mouth.

"Good piggy. fat piggy. So hungry and horny. You know what you need to come. Be good and stuffed that fat piggy face. I know you have room in that monstrous gut of yours."

Her Pet piggy ate and moaned knowing that only when she was stuffed to the brim would she be allowed to orgasm. She kept Pet just at the brink.. over and over, as mouthful after mouthful went into her well fed body.

"keep eating my sweet fatty piggy Pet. Keep adding more and more weight to that glorious body. Pack it in, I want you to be able to fill the sink with that belly. And when that happens, well, by then you won't be able to stand anyways. Doesn't that sound delightful dear?" She bit playfully at Pets eat and continued to stroke, tease and slap. "Don't you want to get to that point? Then the fun will truly begin my Pet. Then you can be a proper fat piggy."

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QuebecFA 8 years
This is a very sexy story! I hope you'll write more! ;-)
Chubbysubby 8 years
Lovely. Lucky lucky piggy.