look to the future

Chapter 1 - i’ll help

Alice: “You should make yourself softer and fatter and rounder and jigglier than you are now! Grow heavier and flabbier. Make yourself into the true rotund butterball we both know you want to be.”

Grant: “Gah, how is it just chatting to you and again i wish i was enormous!”

Alice: “I’m magic.”

Grant: “Lol, you make it seem so normal I should be barely mobile! And constantly feeding myself delicious fatty foods.”

Alice: “It is normal! For an aspiring piggy like you!”

Grant: “Oink oink” 🐷

Alice: “You SHOULD be barely mobile! Fat and happy and always hungry for more.”

Grant: “Mmmmmmm” ❤️❤️

Alice: “Big belly hanging between your fat covered thighs. Feet fat and soft, fingers like sausages. Chins wrapping around your face. Soft and jiggly as you wheeze.”

Grant: “Oh my, wheezing too?”

Alice: “Arms heavier than a sack of flour. Side rolls and back fat that murge into rings of adipose heavy and warm and soft.”

Grant: “Mmmmmm. Such an image.”

Alice: “One you know should be made a reality. Your whole body made perfect for cuddles and snuggles. Warm and cozy and oh so soft.”

Grant: “I'd be so damn helpless!”

Alice: “I know.” 😁 “Taking 5 tries to get yourself up, rocking and trying to build momentum, then wheezing out of breath once you stand only to waddle a couple feet before having to take a rest as your heavy belly hangs low to your knees quivering with fat as you try and catch your breath.”

Grant: “Mmmmmm damn! Why does that appeal so flipping much! My feeder teasing me for letting myself get so fat and our of shape, as she then pushes more food into me...”

Alice: “Helping you grow fatter and fatter, more and more dependent. Heavier and heavier until SNAP! the couch breaks.” 😉

Grant: “I want that so bad.”

Alice: “I know piggy and I’ll help you get there.”

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RavenBlackwing 7 months
BeSoft 1 year
“I know.” 😁 “Taking 5 tries to get yourself up..." has been enough me to cum so badly! Hope there are more dialogues on the way. Thanks for the brillant work!
RavenBlackwing 1 year
😅 thanks. Glad you liked it.
Fatchance 1 year
There needs to be more .......
RavenBlackwing 1 year
Thanks. Glad you liked it. Sorry but it is a one off.