love at first roll

Chapter 1 - set up/ feeding session

I've always been intrigued by the thought of gaining weight, but I have always been too afraid to do anything about these deep desires because of what society deemed "wrong". So I spent my evenings browsing various weight gain communities and chatrooms in search of others with a kink similar to my own. I just got out of a terrible relationship. My ex believed i was cheating too much, and not on him but with my eating habits! So he left me. but now i feel a new sense of freedom i have never felt before in my entire life, i had the chance to act on my deepest weight gain desires i have hidden my entire life. Recently I was in a chat room where I met a feeder named Gabriel, but Gabe for short. He loved my sarcasm and personality right away and I thought he was so understanding and solid, his body was chiseled too. i myself had let my body go sense the breakup, where my abs had once resided a small pot-belly now rested on my thighs. Weight tended to go straight to my stomach, which truthfully i rather liked. Gabe and i decided that we should meet up, to have a feeding session of sorts, and maybe for a little sex on the side. He decided that we should meet in a public area first so that we'd both be comfortable with our first encounter. I arrived at the hotel first. He let me into the room he paid for, he had chosen a nice venue for our feeding session, plates of food were spread out across the bed, bowls full of heavy chocolate creams and whipped cream were prepared for our meet up. I made sure that i had eaten plenty for a few days prior to our session so that my belly was nice and round for him. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, he was waiting for me out in the bedroom, i had worn a revealing set of lingerie that opened up to reveal my protruding stomach. I stepped out of the bathroom, i was breathing fast as i approached him, i could tell he was excited. Carefully i sat next to him, he pulled my hair back and put a hand on my belly and caressed its every curve with his strong hands. he then grabbed as much food as he could and began to feed me, first it was slow and sensual as he poured the chocolate down my throat followed by doughnuts and cakes, but he kept one hand against my belly, he told me that it was a turn on to see and feel stomachs grow. I began to feel stuffed but i loved it! He fed faster and faster and i began to moan in pleasure. I could sense that he was turned on by this so in response i moaned louder and louder with every bite. He pushed my onto my back and shoved decadent cakes into my mouth, my stomach was hard and as full as it could be, i could barely move from feeling that full, but now he wanted me full of something else, he began to rub my stomach and kiss it, he kissed me from my lips and slowly worked his way down and focused on my belly, i had to hold onto the bed because of my arousal. He then filled me with himself, I moaned with pleasure as he pressed himself up against my growing stomach, it felt like hours and i loved every second of it! Once he was done i knew that i never wanted to be done, i had found my feeder and i knew that i would do anything to feel like this for the rest of my life!

-Other chapters will come...
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