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chapter 1

I watched with disgust on my face as the carriage containing the prince rode trough the streets of the kingdom. This was one of the last outings he would do before he would be crowned king much to my dismay.
I didn’t like him one bit. He comes from a very long line of royalty, being as egocentrically and spoiled as they can be. His father has seemingly never fought him the word no when he grew up. And that is supposed to rule the kingdom in a few days. This will be the end of the kingdom as we know it, mark my words.

I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like the prince as I could see the disdain on the face of most people around me. Someone should really just put us out of our misery. Being forced to watch the lavish parade which we had to pay for really wasn’t what I wanted to do with my afternoon. I had a lot of work to catch up on so the longer this continued the more I would be inclined to stun the guards and make a run for it, back to my cabin.

The rational part of my brain however told me that that would only put me off of my work even longer. They would for sure find my magical trail on the guard and trace me which would mean even more delay in my work.

So I kept watching the stupid parade, scowling at the hand-embroidered flags that contain the face of the prince. He really loves to see himself doesn’t he? How can one see so much of himself and not get bored of himself really is above me. I zoned out as I thought about all sorts of things, only noticing when people around me brushed against me as they left.
“Finally freedom.” I muttered as I walked back to my house. It was far away from the castle and the main village but I loved the exercise it gave me and it kept curious people at bay.

I was about to enter my house as I saw an envelope laying on the porch with the royal emblem on it. This really just seems like trouble as I contemplated just trowing it away and blaming it on the wind but I chose not too, taking it inside with me.
With a big sigh I opened the letter, reading the message inside. “Just great. The old king wants to meet up tomorrow.” I had no other choice but to go and I knew that. I dreaded going, not because I need to see the old man but because there is a chance of bumping into the young prince as I went to sleep.

The next morning was an early one as I had to finish a few potions that the king had requested, not wanting to be late I ran towards the castle, being happy to be so in shape as I only breathed a bit harder as I raced up the stairs. I was right on time as I walked into the castle, composing myself a bit as my hair had started looking a bit rough from the run.
my meetings with the king were always boring as he just wanted to know how everything was with the magic, talking like he had any clue about what he was talking about which he very much didn’t.

Like usual it didn’t take me very long to get dismissed again, I thank it to my short answers this time. As soon as I walked out of the throne hall I bumped into someone, causing the person to topple to the ground as I was able to stand my ground luckily. “Watch where you’re going will you witch? Why are you even here? Is father playing with magic again? That’ll be the first thing I do. Banishing all people like you far away from the kingdom.” I put up a monologue which I mostly ignored but I couldn’t ignore the threat that was right in front of me.

That’s when I noticed the one alone hair stuck on my shoulder, straight from his perfect little head I knew as I smirked. “I’m sorry prince. It won’t happen again, I’ll listen to your every command.” I said sickly sweet, very much mocking him but it seemed like his ego did not allow him to interpret it this way. “Sure you will now get out of my castle.” He shooed me away with a lazy gesture. “More than happy.” I said, too low for him to hear but it still felt good as I took the one hair subtile from my shoulder, carefully storing it for later.

As soon as I got home I got to work, I would teach the little brat how to behave if his father couldn’t do so. I knew that I’d have to wait till late in the night to start my plan so I had enough time to cover my magical tracks and put everything into action.

I stayed up till it was 3 in the morning, satisfied with how late it was as I began the ritual, summoning the sleeping prince to my home and into the cage I had made for him. No one would see or hear him if they did come in so I was safe if the guard did come my way to look for him.

The ritual was quickly taking its toll on me as I started feeling very tired but I pushed trough it, knowing that I could not live with myself if I allowed for that maniac to ascent the throne. Finally I saw the prince in the cel, dressed in his sleeping garments as I placed him on the mattress I had placed in there together with a toilet and a sink. That were the only items that I would allow in with him.

I smiled as I succeeded in trapping him and keeping him asleep for now as I had no interests in dealing with his screaming right now. That would be for tomorrow.
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Kyzarburner 1 year
Excellent story!
Fatchance 1 year
This is AMAZING! Can't wait for more.
Stevita 1 year
Really enjoying this so far! Brat taming and feedism are so good together!