lover's surprise

Chapter 1 - these will never fit

“I’ll never fit into these.”

That’s what she told you, at least. She laughed at how big the clothes looked, but she agreed to try them on for you. When she did, she had to tug at the waist to keep the shorts from falling down her hips.

“These are huge, do you really want to make me that fat?”

You had gotten her a size Large, knowing she would be far too small for them, but seeing it billow off her made you realize just how much she needed to grow. The cami - also a size Large - draped off of her like a dress. She had giggled at how ridiculous she looked, but all you could imagine was the thought of her expanding into that outfit.

“I don’t think I could get that big even if I tried.”

When you told her what you liked - told her you wanted her fatter - she had called it a girl’s dream. She had never been fat, but even still she had been ashamed of her weight, embarrassed of her curves. That all had changed, and your once-timid girlfriend began to embrace her plush frame and ample hips, knowing how much they turned you on.

Looking back, she seemed practically skinny then. She looked even smaller once she stripped off those baggy clothes. You remember how she moaned when you ran your hands over the slightest curve of her belly, feeling the burgeoning softness under your fingertips.

“You really like my tummy, don’t you? I love how much it turns you on…”

She said she wasn’t going to intentionally gain weight, but nevertheless her appetite got the best of her. What little self control she once had quickly disappeared. A month after you shared your desires, you found her in the kitchen polishing off a bowl of cookie dough, her jeans unbuttoned. You cupped her distended stomach in your hands and let a finger sink into her deepening navel.

“I couldn’t help myself, all I want to do is eat…”

And all that eating quickly paid off. In another month those jeans no longer fit at all. She tried in vain to button them over her rounding belly, squeezing the new layers of chub between the zipper. Even sucking in could not conceal the growing fat around her waist. You remembered the outfit you had got her, and wondered how she would look in it now. But that thought faded when she caught you staring and teased you by jiggling her tummy.

The sex had gotten better too. Before she used to hide her midsection, ashamed at even the slightest bit of softness. The night you had revealed what you liked, she sat astride your waist and watched your hands roam over every inch of her middle. She had gasped as if she were being touched for the first time. It awakened something in her. It became all she craved.

Back then she had told you she felt chubby, though she clearly wasn’t. But it only took a few months of overindulging before she became truly chubby. Soon when she straddled you, you could no longer ignore how much farther her tummy distended, how much rounder it felt in your palms. You began to take a liking to the expanding love handles on her hips, which grew softer with each passing month.

“You really like how curvy I am, don’t you?”

She had no idea how fat she was getting. In half a year you could only guess at how much she had grown, but it was obvious she couldn’t stop. She ate and ate, her hunger insatiable and her lust uncontrollable, each making her bigger by the day.

After more than half a year, you knew your girlfriend had become more than chubby. You know it when her tummy began to rest on her lap. You knew it when you saw the ample cleavage at her breasts where only a hint had been before. You knew it when her massive ass, wide hips and doughy thighs spilled over the edges of her seat. Your girlfriend had gotten fat. And yet, she seemed to be oblivious to how large she had truly become.

“It’s only a little extra weight, right? I couldn’t have gotten that big?”

It was more than a little weight, but you reassured her she looked sexier than ever. She prodded and pinched at her pudgy middle, convincing herself it was only a few added pounds. But if it worried her, it did nothing to quell her ravenous appetite.

“How can I feel so full… and still be so hungry…”

She leaned against your chest in a gluttonous stupor while you ran your soothing hands over her tummy. It had been less than a year, and she hardly resembled the slim girl she once had been. You could feel how packed full her stomach was beneath layers of newly-acquired fat. Though you tried in vain to pull down her top, you couldn’t conceal the dome of her belly that peaked beneath.

Eventually her gluttony overcame her and she waddled back to the refrigerator. You stared at her voluptuous hips and realized she was nowhere near chubby anymore. Your once-thin girlfriend had expanded to become practically obese.

“These can’t be too small, I just got them!”

She tossed aside a particularly stretchy bra that she nevertheless could no longer squeeze into. She bent over to search her dresser, giving you a view of her rotund hanging tummy and full breasts.

“Wait a minute… I forgot about these!”

She pulled out the outfit you had gotten her last year, the oversized cami and matching shorts. They looked so much smaller already. Your girlfriend gave you a seductive smile.

“Do you think these will still be too big for me?”

She would make you wait to find out. From behind the door you heard struggled grunts and surprised laughter. A few moments later the door cracked open to reveal your fattened girl in all her glory.

“Oh my gosh, am I really this fat?”

Though she laughed you could see how shocked she was. She somehow managed to get the shorts up her massive thighs, but the waist was hopelessly small. Her overfed belly bulged past the waistband, testing limits of the taut fabric. When she last wore the cami it hung to cover most of her middle - now, she had grown so much the top barely covered her breasts.

“I used to look so tiny in this outfit. Now it just makes my belly look huge!”

She cradled her rounded gut in emphasis. Her shock turned to pleasure when she saw how turned on you were at the sight of her. She began to peel off the skin-tight shorts.

“Grab the heavy cream. I don’t want to ever be able to fit in these clothes again.”
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Fanedfox 1 year
Very well written, great descriptions too!