loving me to death

Chapter 1 - loved to death

She has left me here again to be filled and tortured. The medical equipment beeps and buzzes about me. Over top of my flabby round cheeks, my fat-encased eyes can see the monitor lights flashing across the basement.

Before leaving, she kisses my lips, then inserts the feeding tube between them. She turns on the feeding tube pump and it hums, asI hear the slosh of my next meal heading down the tube toward me.

"One last time," she whispers wickedly as her lips graze my massive moobs and kiss my nipples. "Kind of a last meal."

She licks a little tear out of the corner of my eye. "It's okay, love. It will all soon be over." She pauses, then adds, "Oh, I just love you to death, Fatty!" The beep of the machine measuring my heartbeat speeds up a little. I feel panicked, not at all assured by her so-called loving words.

"I want you to listen to me and my new lover again tonight," she says, putting the earbuds into my ears. I can hear him breathing heavily and eating in her bedroom a few floors above, unaware of the hidden microphone in the nightstand lamp. He breaths heavily, excited by the anticipation of her return, as he tries to eat all the food she has prepared him.

I hear him licking his lips with joy, moaning from the pleasure he now finds in so much food. I want to warn hm, but I also despise him for replacing me. I can barely hear the squeak of the stairs as she climbs out of the basement and toward her latest victim.

The calorie-laden thick sweet gooey shake fills my stomach, and I cannot stop the flow. Just as I cannot stop hearing her and him doing what we once did together. I try to move but can't.

My arms and legs are just useless appendages, my formerly muscular body turned to mush from what she once called her "loving care" for me. I try to reach the earbuds and remove them, end the torture of hearing her and her newest conquest, but it's no use.

I hear her feeding him now, encouraging him as she once encouraged me, and I hear him chuckle lightly and breath heavily.

I hear her calling him my old pet names -- "Chubs," "My little piglet", "Chunky monkey" and all the others.

It's killing me, and my heart beats harder and faster. I feel it is about to break -- with cracks even deeper than those which have started these past few months.

I hear the bed now, creaking beneath the two them. He has climbed on top, and he is thrusting into her, harder and quicker.

The pace of my heart speeds up, and I feel heartbroken, used, fattened and left here to be tortured by the sound of her and her new conquest. My heartbeat matches the pace of their fucking.

"Oh, Tubby's slowing down a bit from getting so heavy," I hear her whisper to him. And it's true, I have notice this also, him slowing some over these months of his fattening. His belly is slowing him in bed. "Soon, you won't be able to be on top, and then the real fun will begin," she says with evil dripping in her tone.

Her teasing words speed him up now, turning me on as well because I've been where he is now. He gasps at that last taunt, as I once did, so excited by her voice and her sensuous ways. I know that she is now grabbing his love handles and squeezing them, her fingernails digging into them. I once felt those warm hands on my sides. He speeds up, as does my heart, the pace keeps increasing, the creaking of the bed louder from all that weight, faster from her encouragement.

I hear his sweaty potbelly slapping into her silky strong abdomen, louder and faster. I hear his grunts, and he is nearly out of breath from the exertion. Months ago, he was strong and able to do so much more in bed, but now, he has grown too fat and lazy. I know just how he feels. I have been there, and it is both wonderful and scary. Little does he suspect, just how scary it's going to get soon enough.

But for now, he thrusts into her quickly, his gut slapping against her, the bed creaking louder, and my own heart is now pumping in rhythm. I hear the beeps of my heart monitor speeding up to keep the pace, the lights flashing. I see the flashes even as my eyes close. I hear the two of them screaming their orgasms, "la petit mort" -- "the little death" -- as my heart monitor alarm now screams with them and --
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BeSoft 3 years
Just wondering how I missed this! Tbh this is more than a fantasy for me it's reality and acceptable. I mean there are many reasons to die and everyone dies after all but dying by your feeder's hands with one last meal is kinda arousing and the best way t
HeavyWeaponsPie 5 years
This was beautiful and exceedingly sinfully erotic! These types of stories make me want to write as well. I'd be so happy if you expanded this story! Pun intended, har har.
Littleextra 5 years
Wasn't sure l would enjoy the subject matter, but the strength of the writing drew me in, turned me on, and like a moth to a flame, l'm already dreaming about meeting the female lead. Great work! Thanks for posting. 😊
Secret_revea... 5 years
Wow! This story was absolutely wonderful, and had so much detail. Please continue.
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
Thanks, Lovetoeat! It's an odd kink, and not everyone has it, but among those of us who do, we can't seem to get enough of this fantasy. Best in finding someone to roleplay something like this with you -- online or in real life.
GrowingLoveH... 5 years

Maybe I will edit it sometime for ambiguous genders... or for a female feedee like yourself. And yes, I think this may be your future. Bwhahahahhahahahaha (wicked villianous laughter)! Now, where do you live, deary? Heehee.