lucas 4 ever. the personal author note

chapter 1

Ralph M. Lucas everybody called him Ralph

Born June 19th, 1948
Died February 11th, 2021

Vietnam veteran, and nurse
Big fan of the Oakland raiders football team and he named his dog after his favorite team

He loved going fishing

He was survived by wife of 41 years, Theresa, Sons, Michael Lucas, Sr. Joseph Lucas, grandsons, Austin M. Lucas (which is me), Aaron Lucas, and Michael Lucas, Jr.

He brought a smile to everyone he known he will be greatly missed. He bring hugs and laughter and smiles

Two of my favorite moments of my life with him.
Going to the movies with him
In 2007 me and him seen The Golden Compass which turned out to be a disappointment.
In 2011 me and him seen Sucker Punch and Transformers 3, both of them turned out to be disappointments but one of them was a lot of fun
In 2012 me and him seen Wrath of the Titans, The Amazing Spider-Man and Taken 2, two out of three of them turned out to be disappointments.
In 2013 me and him seen G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Man of Steel, the disappointing Lone Ranger, and Thor: The Dark World, which turned out to be a disappointing sequel to Thor.
In 2014 me and him seen Days of Future Past and Transformers 4 despite the fact that one of them was a disappointment I had fun with both of them
In 2015 me and him seen Ant-Man and the absolute disappointment me and him have ever sat through the Fantastic Four reboot
In 2016 me and him seen Apocalypse and Doctor Strange
In 2017 me and him seen Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok
In 2018 me and him seen Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Venom
In 2019 me and him seen and sat through the disappointing Dark Phoenix
In 2020 our movie plans have been canceled because of covid
In 2021 movie plans and onwards are permanently canceled because of his passing which is unfortunate

I mean I always had fun with him seeing movies and by the time the movie is over me and him used to go out to lunch.

Me and him usually picked out the 3D showing for the film me and him seen together

One of the funniest moments of my life knowing him is him teasing me saying that I'm getting fat just like him.

If anyone reads this feel free to give your condolences to me.

Lucas 4 Ever
Ralph M. Lucas
Beloved husband of Theresa
Beloved father of Joseph Lucas and Michael Lucas
Beloved grandfather of Austin M. Lucas, Aaron Lucas and Michael Lucas

My name is Austin Michael Lucas I usually label myself Austin M. Lucas.
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