luck of the draw

Chapter 1 - The draw

Callum swirled his hand around the hat a few times, thinking he may well regret this. He felt three pairs of eyes fixed on him, and could only smile nervously as the suspense built.

“Oh get on with it Call!” His wife Emma said in a tone of mock exasperation, and Callum knew there was only so long he could keep stalling for.

He’d met Emma 6 years ago on a plus size dating app, so it was no secret that he enjoyed her soft rounded thighs, and subtle double chin, as well as her more conventionally attractive blonde curls and radiant smile. She’d initially been on the app looking for bigger men, but had settled with her disappointingly thin husband for his wit and dry humour, thinking that he’d probably gain in middle age anyway.

In theory they’d agreed to this ‘Great Weight Challenge’ along with two friends Callum said he’d met on a “forum”, but Emma suspected the term “fetish site” might be more appropriate. Not that Emma minded much, as long as her husband remembered that fantasies should sometimes stay that way.

Dan and Beth were six years younger than their friends, at 22 and 21 respectively, but had hit it off with the older couple over the last few months, and this challenge had been their idea. They were perched on Callum and Emma’s sofa, eagerly waiting for him to decide exactly what task awaited each of them.

As all four of them had read out their own suggestions earlier that morning, Callum had begun to wonder if this was such a good idea.

His own plan for the challenge was simple: each of the two women would try to reach the other’s BMI, with the winner claiming the £2000 wager they’d all agreed to contribute to. This would regrettably mean that Callum would have to send his beloved wife, the only one of the 4 who could truly be considered ‘plump’ at 5’4” and 165lbs (they’d all agreed to weigh and measure themselves that morning) to the gym, but it would be worth it to watch Dan try and put some meat on the bones of his Ex-Cheerleader girlfriend.

Emma had decided to mirror Callum’s idea, resolute that she could ‘grow’ her husband sufficiently to match the weight of Dan’s impressive muscles, if only he’d stop with quite so much cardio, and agree to relax his diet for a bit.

The pair had exchanged a worried glance though, when the younger couple had read out their contributions. Dan’s idea was for both couples to swap their own BMI’s, leaving Callum fearful for his flat, if not particularly toned, stomach, and for a few of the curvaceous features he most enjoyed about his wife.

If Dan’s was full of thrilling risk, then Beth’s plan was simple, but bordering on insane. She’d proposed, laughing as she read it out, that the £2000 should go to the person who could gain 100lbs first! The saving grace of that idea, from Callum’s perspective anyway, was that he thought he’d probably win.

Beth was naturally tiny, at 5’6” and 106lbs, he’d reasoned, Dan would have to compensate for his lost muscle, meaning his total fat gain would have to be much higher than it would be for any of the other 3, and Emma, though he’d never let anyone else say it so plainly, was already pretty fat.

But 100lbs on a skinny man, who did have an appetite, and a wife who loved to cook, could easily be done.

After another irritated glance from Emma, Callum seized one of the slips of paper in his hand, and pulled it out!

————————————P.S. This is my first story on here, comments and advice appreciated!
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Minifan 8 months
Good start, only comment would be Callum's starting weight. I'm 6ft3 and a little under 200lb, I definitely wouldn't consider myself fat
Secret FA 8 months
Thanks, I appreciate the support. As for the weights of the characters, it’s mainly just to give the reader a vague idea of how to imagine them, so sorry if it gets a bit unrealistic