Chapter 1 - miss lucy

Lucy was a beautiful young girl. She has the prettiest pale skin, lovely long locks of blonde hair, pretty blue eyes and a round and plump face with cherry lips. She was a tubby young lady, but not obese. She loved to eat delicious desserts with her family and her friend Olivia.

Olivia called her to see if she would like to go to the cake shop with her. Lucy loved the cakes from Emily's Cakes. She got her outfit ready. She pulled down her leggings, revealing her perfectly smooth legs. She looked at her lace underwear, giving her belly a squish. 'Hope I still fit in these shorts!!' she thought to herself. She pulled up the pink shorts which were just a little tight on her waist.

Lucy got out her favorite shirt, a pink one that said 'Love to Live' with hearts around it. She pulled off her top, letting her girliness out. She put on her pink lace bra, and sucked in her tummy as she put her shirt on. She danced over to her makeup table and put on a lovely cherry lipstick, giving her lips a bright shade of red. She painted her nails pink, then she went to the door to meet Olivia.

Olivia was a large, overweight girl. She had tanned skin with a lot of dark spots, brown eyes, and curly brown long hair. She loved seeing her best friend Lucy. "Hello Lucy, you look so lovely today!"

"Thank you Livs!" Lucy said kindly. "Let's go get some cakes!" Lucy got into Olivia's car. As the car moved, Olivia's big belly bounced with her ample breasts. Lucy's smaller tummy and love handles jiggled a little in her lap. It made Lucy feel hungry for the delicious desserts. "Olivia, why are you eating cake, aren't you on a diet?" Lucy asked. "Well Lulu, I'm too lazy to exercise. A little cake won't hurt!" The ladies giggled.

They got to Emily's Cakes and went inside. Lucy loved the smell of all the sweet treats. She looked around at all the pretty cakes and yummy desserts. Emily came to see her. "Hello Miss Lucy! Good to see you, my girl!" Emily was a big fat girl. Her huge belly sat on the counter, she had icing all over her apron. Her long brown hair was in a ponytail, her breasts sat on her large belly, her bare arms jiggled as she served the cakes.

"Hello Miss Emily! You're looking good, girlie!" Lucy said. Olivia looked at all the cakes. She was so excited to eat them with her lady friend.
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Theswordsman 5 years
I like how they care for each other
Tftter 5 years
Continue please!!
Theswordsman 5 years
Please continue